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I just kicked you into unconsciousness buck. You are lying there on the lawn bleeding all over the place. I guess you just did nothing. Gotta go , got a house to rob.
Ummm I ain`t got all day Buck. Do something.
I ain`t wantin you in My way while I rob your house after taking your big black dick. Lesseee , what do I do with you now buck. I don`t want you yellin or nothin , even though there ain`t nobody to he + 54 more characters
Are you scared buck? Are you? If you could get back in to your house you could try to call 911. But I will not let you. Even if you did , I cut the phone line before I knocked on your door and I am RI + 168 more characters
Yes You and your cherished big black dick are pretty helpless right now. Dunno how you are going to sleep tonight after I take it a way from you. That is , if you just hand it over and run away. Do i + 498 more characters
Hey , thanks Jeff.
Good to see you back to normal Spencer.
Hey Buck Sorry about the typos but I am laffing too hard at you
Buck- just grab ahold of your big black dick and back away and leave quietly right now before I take it away from you. I bet you with you had a gun right now.
Buck I am HOWLING with laughter. It`ll be Ok little bucky boy. No one is going to take away your big black dick.
I bet you have to have everything explained to you Richard. `specially in the bedroom. Laffing , I will not involve your parents` part in this.
Ok , a type of panic button that instantly summons Batman. I would not doubt the US military has a non lethal sound weapon or something else that could be at the other end of that button.
I think whoever said that meant pointy little heads. And yes , I think the two of you should be included. It is just fitting..... Richard You have quite an imagination that you confuse with some sor + 435 more characters
Spencer , it seems you have a split personality problem here. Just sayin.........
Just for you Joe. Because you are special. Or getting to be that way..... I dunno , but I would think that it is illegal for most of the people in syria to have the weapons that they have. Why does + 124 more characters
It just seems like a concealed carry or open carry would be difficult , especially for someone in maintenance. The individual would have to deal with that problem. I always thought that it would be da + 79 more characters
Joe I did respond. Just because it was not long winded does not mean that it is inadequate. You may take a look at my response to whoever it was that posted something from a left leaning publication + 286 more characters
Richard That sure was long winded. Tons of words. It sure didn`t say much. I think it was an opinion , just skimmed it. 1934
Hanna and Amorette I see that the Swisslanders get to keep LMGs and grenade launchers at home with the munitions. Interesting link but I am not going to take the time to research it. Basically they + 621 more characters
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