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I have never been so ashamed of this town as I am right now. Yes the vast majority are good honest people in Miles City , but after talking to several others here they knew what was going on and nobod + 516 more characters
There was an Ed and Betty Goplin who had a bar and cafe in Terry
One says let's be honest and yet you say nothing about the blatant lies about who freed the slaves and the other response is just childish name calling. And you wonder why you lost so bad in the last + 52 more characters
Let's give credit where credit is do. The 13th Amendment that freed the slaves in 1865 had 100% republican support and only 23% democrat. In 1868 freed slaves were given full citizenship with 100% rep + 32 more characters
Not sure about the names except for Dale, but didn't the Worden have 19 siblings
Amorette if you are that ashamed of this country I would suggest you leave.
Why is it that I have to be drug tested to keep my job so I can pay taxes but most of you think it is wrong to test the people who are taking my taxes? You wonder why this country is in the shape it i + 5 more characters
Spider mites probably
Finally someone on this site that makes sense. You notice how the liberals only respond by cussing and calling names.
Go to antique They have styrofoam ceiling panel that look just like the tin ones and are easily glued up. The tin ones are extremely sharp and kink easily
That is the most rediculous response I have ever read. These animals are more afraid of you then you are of them and you have a better chance of being attacked by a dog in town. Mountain lions have al + 56 more characters
Finally something good on this site
Why does everyone on this site have to be such a smart ass. Cranks seems to be working the best
I really don't think the voting results in Custer county have anything to do with federal decisions.
How about Dickinson street ! It also seems to be a raceway for the college kids leaving classes.
Oops, trails inn
Trails end
Who do you think will pay for it, we will. Where will we get the money, borrow it. Simple economics for simple minds.
Bush was in 8 years and Obama only a little over 3. Your figures also don't include Obama care which will add trillions , but as a usual liberal response you are blaming someone else .
How can you add 5 trillion to our national debt if you aren't spending ?
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