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Happy Birthday to my son Chase he would be 16.
They are still having the Antique Roadshow at the Metra, it's just going to be one of the other buildings.
I am definitely looking into something along this syle.
She isn't getting married until Aug. I don't know how far in advace I have to order the dress. Maybe I can wait until the end of April to order it and still have time to get it in and get it altered.
So, my sister is getting married and I'm the Maid Of Honor. Of course, I'm 8 months pregnant, but need to start looking for my dress. Does anyone know how that works when a person is pregnant? How do + 67 more characters
Tru Calling was my favorite along with Freaks and Geeks.
I will check it out. I also think Ron should do all the work and I get the name. Thanks for the help everyone. And remember, if you are in the market for siding or windows, let me know...
Thanks for the advice. I would love to make a website, but I am not very computer savy.
He is willing to travel. Probably just in MT and WY.
I'm trying to come up with some inexpensive ways to advertise a siding and windows installation business in the Billings area. It's basically a one person business. The owner does the installation. He + 166 more characters
Taking a moment to remember my loved ones that I have lost over the years. With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow I am thinking about how thankful I am to have had such wonderful people in my life. My s + 327 more characters
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