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towards Steadsman ranch they did get over 3 inches. lightning did hit a pickup and fried the electroincs on the highway.
ya it's a bad year for poop. my brother in law's neighbor gave it back to him, threw it on his sidewalk.
ashleydawn was married to sanjel?
joe ninth ?
Ya posting a thank you on the internet, tacky.
Howdy, you are the only person that I know with a dog that don't make messes. bitch
I smell BS howdy. and also any dog.
My dogs have destroyed my house. carpet twice and lots of chewed up things. besides hair,slobber. Anyone who rents out a house with pets won't have the same house when they get it back. Oh and besides + 14 more characters
a staple or a piece of tape dosen't hurt a pole, they are treated. they don't climb poles anymore they use a lift. You must of had community service.
ya, the boss has spoken. quit doing what you have been doing for 50 years. the tax dollors are just being wasted. jeezzz.
cash should go back to Vegas, I'll tell you he don't know much about our area. He's nuts. Our sheriff is from the ranch. He may take cash's gun though.
her music sucks. sounded like dog crap
being out of town you told the operator cedar as the prefix, and then the number. Cedar meant miles city.
the police and the sheriff department drive out there for something to do. its posted so it is.
The Miles City dump is kept up better than some.Driving past auto dismantlers on is a damn dump site. They should clean it up or burn it.
Well Cynthia there is only a couple of people on this whole forum out of 8 - 10 thousand people. most of them have nothing to say so how can you ask them something they know nothing about? It's like t + 218 more characters
I knew you weren't all there there chucky. also Sticking your foot in your mouth again. you are funny
when she was working partime as a night stocker out at walmat she told the crew members I killed her dog. true story. funny thing is she told her fellow crew members this morning she just had to give + 65 more characters
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