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The Adventures of Brisco County jr.
My 1st encounter with a social network was with IRC (Internet Relay Chat.) Loved it, typed realtime to people around the globe. That was with my 1st personal computer in '94. I was on FB for awhile go + 244 more characters
Nothing... I don't need the "service"
Could that be Widget wrestling
whoops... wrong page
I told you I was sick! no wait.. FMF Corpsman.. no...wait.. most would have no clue... BTW kind Sir.. could I sell you a pair of clues...?
I miss skating in the "bowl", the old box car warm house..
Thanks Keli, I just might show up
I distinctly remember that the class of '72 was the largest graduating then, obviously we were eclipsed by the urchins of '73 according to urcrackinmeup's post.
So, what time and where is the raffle? I bought a ticket several weeks ago... I'd like that Kimber .45
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