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Mercy Frank, ditto on Bridger!!!!
I was a little disappointed, but will continue to be a fan.
Rob has made alot of progress.
I agree with Frank.
Four times this afternoon briefly in Southgate.
I saw the Beatles that night in classic black & white TV. It was better than listening to the radio! Boy, I did get old on myself.
Happy New Year to all.
Thank you for sharing.
"Thank you sir may I have another?" "Is it safe?" "Don't piss down my back and tell me that it's raining." "Put the candle back."
Ricky dicky. What an ahole
Thank you for sharing.
Very sad!!
Nice post.
What are you charging for the wash?
Watch out for the little red dot from the drones.:eek
Way to go Richard, I had a rant but not now!!!!
I would like to thank Levi and Gunnar for there efforts, I enjoy the challenge even if I lack the knowledge.
Good job everyone. I will be sending a check to Stockman.
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