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You seem to be projecting a bit. Not only is Tester a native, he is extremely qualified and has been a very good senator. Unlike some people I can name, he meets with his constituents, responds to the + 72 more characters
Try tonight's front page.
Read the fire update on page two. I wrote it.
url So, any of you amateur alcohol archeologists going to try some of these recipes? :
As long as spam popped me up to the top, remember the Woman's Club Children's Christmas Store when garage saleing this summer. Gifts for dads and kids are especially needed. Stuffed animals that we ca + 34 more characters
Yup. We moved up a notch. Contact your local FSA about CRP grazing.
It just keeps getting drier and drier. Today the sky was full of gray clouds but no moisture. Rivers are high and a foot away from the bank, the ground is dust.
I was just asked for a list of ghost towns in eastern Montana. So many of the towns here are either completely GONE, like Boyes, or still hanging on, like Ingomar. SO, anything anyone would consider a + 120 more characters
Spotted Eagle Recreation Area is 50 years old this summer!!!!
It's getting close! Should be fabulous. Includes VINTAGE 1980s hair bows.
I'm writing a local story to go with Robert Persig's obituary and was wondering if anyone had any anecdotes about the book. I had some Motorcycle pilgrims pass through my office when I was historic pr + 123 more characters
I love the profanity filter! It makes me smile whenever I see it has kicked in. Many a fine pelican has been tossed my way over the years.
Is there a drug problem? Yes. Because we live in the real world and there have always been human being whose brains tend to addiction. Does that mean this little town in hell on earth? Nope. Not by a + 624 more characters
Actually, my husband, who is dyslexic, wrote the cutline. It was also proofread by two people who were not me. And shocking as this many seem, people make mistakes. All the time. I am FAR from perfect + 337 more characters
I feel as if I am living in an alternate reality. The REPUBLICAN president is the one cozying up to the Russian dictator and all the other REPUBLICANS are just fine with it! What the heck happened? Do + 22 more characters
Last thing I want to see is the Trumpet without a bathrobe. ICK!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I needed a good laugh. Thanks, Oddy. Your crazy makes my day.
If it weren't all so horrifying, I would be laughing like a fiend.
Now the company hired for the "outside review" says that's not what they were hired for. They know nothing about federal compliance. They review HR policies. Good grief.
Interested in music? Theater or the arts? History? We got tons of those as well as scenery.
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