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the dog isnt in my yard anymore since i dont have a secure yard but with how slow he is im sure he didnt get far
on pacific ave. over by the Ironhorse
found in my yard older small dog looks like it has some health issues. please let me know if you the owner.
Yea I hope everyone is ok too. With all the wild fires in Montana lately I was getting a little worried.
I'm smelling and seeing smoke but don't see any fire right now. Is there a fire that close by or in town right now?
we went by at 7pm and no one was there.
glad I have my pitbull
im sure they know that im not trying to start a big thing or make them look bad i just want people to know where he lives IF he gets out again.
found this same corgi again. its mostly tan with some white. blue collar with bones. they said because of the snow melting there are holes in the fence causing the dog to get out so please if you find + 138 more characters
i have a old rabbit cage that does need a little work and cleaning but for the most part its in good condition. was hand built for rabbits but has also been used for other mammals and one reptile its + 139 more characters
mary (was goin to say some thing naughty but didnt hehe :cool
im lookin for a new sofa for my home one thats in good shape and at a good price just had a baby in december. and our sofa is starting to fall apart from age and our old roomates cats scrached the sid + 518 more characters
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