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I understand that Wal-mart currently has a sale on pillows of salt. I am headed there directly. Thanks for sending this.
Hi could someone let me know what day Robin died. I can't find an obit. Thanks
audrey I am in contact with Sandy Hewitt Parks of Ekalaka I will see if I can get their addresses or phone number from Sandy for you.
I just had a strong feeling to check the MIles City.com and am so sad to hear about Robin. It is always normal to ack how and why and yes there will be a huge void in MIles City. When I moved home to + 396 more characters
Sister Ruth was a hoot and so wise. She shared some of her wisdom with me once. Hi Gail
Oh My goodness you all (most) have me walking down memory lane. Cynthia (yes the green lady) and then there were two sisters who won a trip to Las Vegas and the city did not want them representing MC + 456 more characters
So where was Sweetbriars? Same block or different block? Hello Cory from Jude Hardesty.
This is only my second day at this and I need to let you know that I like the food and drink section. Any possibilities for... maybe recipes? I hear you on the Vinegar and Salt chips first time I had + 113 more characters
Haven't tried them but there is a blueberry (I know we are discussing Lime) beer that is or rather I thought was just dreadful but it had such a cute label with I believe a blue rhino on the label. Th + 103 more characters
Amorette If you put together or if anyone puts a special edition paper out on this fire. The historical aspect, the memories, the Hero's and maybe some of the what nows. I would purchase several copie + 58 more characters
Excellant Idea Cory. Helena has parts and pieces they saved after some of their fires.
I am still so shocked but grateful no lives were lost. A huge Thank You to all the firefighters, neighbors helping neighbors and prayers and thoughts to all. I had my very own house fire and it is so + 679 more characters
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