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I realize that it is good fencing, but I sure wish the state would pay me almost $30,000/linear mile to replace my fencing along US212 which is a major conduit for I90 traffic from Whitewood, SD to th + 75 more characters
Does anyone know if any of our current congressional delegation have military service of any type on their respective resume? As a veteran I appreciate Jon Tester and his support as much as I appreci + 294 more characters
Ah shoot, am I the only one who has wondered about our Senate Minority Leader's connections? His second wife, after he achieved political power, is of Chinese heritage with strong familial ties to Ch + 486 more characters
Ummm... How did you submit your letter? By mail, or did you make sure by hand delivery to a commissioner? I had a friend comment that it has been a very "weird" year. Guess it is kind of like Hallo + 308 more characters
We live about half way to Spearfish, SD and still love to shop at Reynolds every opportunity that we get, almost weekly. The produce department does a super job with presenting quality product at ver + 1203 more characters
Not saying I intend to vote for the man, but at least I think he may be more rational than our current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Also his conservative credentials should be pretty much accept + 46 more characters
Probably off specific topic, but do have a couple of general observations.... First, as near as I can ascertain, we have a presumed competent Vice-President who seems honorable and honest. Given I ma + 488 more characters
For me this race seems to be about ethics... Tester came forward and effectively told the truth about the emperor's hand picked man to be head of the VA. Now, as a result of pissing off a very vengef + 1875 more characters
That is pretty much where I am at with my thinking... normally I have plenty of oil around but sometimes get surprised...lol It is a small family ranch situation so there is a large variety in vehicl + 268 more characters
Yes I understand the problems with going with the least expensive. However I had received some knowledgeable help from the service department employees in the past. My impression was one of mature c + 1299 more characters
If I understand Bob the Third's implication, I set myself up when I chose to use an available option. First I prefer Bosch oil filters, secondly, I prefer to use a specific brand and type of oil. Re + 362 more characters
Thanks Cubby... I am 100 miles from the dealership in Miles so I may just loosen the plug and pull a cup or down. Not sure if my suction tube will fit down the dipstick tube.
As I said, reasoning with the irrational...lol But this is the guy who went from "give me an extra half quart" to holding my car ransom if I did not consent to the extra half quart. Appreciate agre + 393 more characters
Keeping in mind that the original operating manual disagrees with the employee?
That thought has crossed my mind as well. However it was synthetic 5 W 20 so it should have settled fairly quickly.
I was in Miles City yesterday, taking advantage of what I thought was a fair value. Normally I change my own motor oil, but am grayed now, and the ground was still moist despite recent warming. I ha + 2297 more characters
Regarding Bannon, some sort of modern Rasputin?
What a concept, the Democrats just might be willing to accommodate President Trump with a new election in order that the issue of voter fraud could be settled. Problem is, how many new elections woul + 834 more characters
Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the FWP spokesman, whose agency is tasked with protecting and managing Montana wildlife and game animals, is posing in front of a wall covered with dead anim + 903 more characters
I have been eating breakfast in Miles City once a week for over 2 years. I went to the 600 a couple of times but it seemed kind of greasy and the sausage gravy was almost inedible. As a result, 4-B's + 425 more characters
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