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I cheered!
Oh ok, thank you very much cs.
It made Sarah Palin disappear from politics, and Glenn Beck would research his reports.
Ok, so I was reading an obituary and I just trying to figure out what they mean by this. Please don't call me an idiot, I just want to know doesn't matter who it was for, I didn't know them anyway. I + 32 more characters
Does anyone know if there is a rehabilitation center in montana or the surrounding states for self mutilation? I've been googleing all night and haven't found anything. Any advice would be great
Does anyone know what came of this? Officer Reddick always says hello, and is very fair in my experience. Has this gone to court yet?
Just heard that obesity is now the number 1 cause of preventable death. Junk food tax!
Depends on the Magazine, but maybe Custer County Health for their waiting room, or CNADA.
Not voting for schoof.
To stefanie. Why be tolerant of a group that is constantly intolerant of everything that goes against their beliefs. Slavery is legal in the bible, so are you going to judge me for having one? Why is + 533 more characters
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