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Everything seems to be in order and today is the last day for bidding. It might need an A/C recharge and maybe a little tinkering, but it just had a tune up and oil change I was told, before it came t + 124 more characters
At the VFW we have a 1973 class C motorhome that we are accepting sealed bids on up till 15 September. Bids will be opened on the 16th and the winning bidder will be contacted then. As it is difficult + 201 more characters
But he hasn't left the country.......... yet. John Jackson (aka Elvis) is moving back to Iowa to be with his family. He has agreed however to put on one final showing at the VFW on Friday 23 August fr + 94 more characters
Due to all of the activities that we are attempting to participate in, the blood pressure checks at the VFW will not be set up this Saturday only. We will resume again on the 25th.If somebody really w + 377 more characters
Sassy One, I am currently addressing that situation as we speak, however; I must wait to bring it up at our house meeting which is the 1st Tuesday of the month. Remember, I do not own the club, our me + 308 more characters
Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into these possibilities. We do have one pool table and it is one of the cheapest in town to play on ($0.50) except for Mondays when it is free all day. We d + 224 more characters
Our facility does have a bar, yes. But we also have a meeting hall. Our meeting hall is used not only for dining but other functions as well. In our bar, if you were to drop by, you would notice that + 1182 more characters
Kacey, I thank you for your input, however; as I stated earlier, I want to make this a happy post for everyone. If we were to close the bar and tell everyone that they would have to leave, you could s + 314 more characters
I am asking all of you who read this forum for your assistance. As I have been elected the commander of our local VFW (to be installed in June), I have 3 main goals that I have set forth in obtaining: + 2786 more characters
I recently had a telemarketer call my cell phone and this was how the conversation went; Caller:"Is Kevin Thoeny available?" Me:"No, I am engaged." Caller:"I'm sorry." and the she hung up! If that's a + 65 more characters
Although I have never personally met Bus I am now prepared to comment on his character. Those of you on here that know me personally, also know that I will attempt to get all sides of a story, good or + 830 more characters
Some time ago I posted on here "The VFW, It's not just for old Farts". Well, here I go again. Many of you may be eligible to join the VFW, but because of maybe one bad thing or memory that might have + 1266 more characters
I will actually be here longer today so if someone comes in and would like their pressure taken, I would be glad to take it for you.
We are going to be very busy for the next 48 hours or so. This morning we will have the Free Blood Pressure Checks from 9:00 till noon. This evening around 5:00 we will have a benefit auction and spag + 362 more characters
Regardless of the weather, we will still be there today. Your heart keeps beating during bad weather and we will gladly invite you inside where it's warm to check its pressure. Hope to see you there! + 92 more characters
Well, tomorrow night is the night. I hope those of you who are members will show up at 7:00 p.m. for the Post Meeting. We will be holding the nominations for officers for the next year. It is very imp + 23 more characters
Well, I am all set up and just waiting for people to come down. On a side note, today I had to set up in the Casino area as they are setting up for a large party in the hall. Come on down, there is no + 102 more characters
On Tuesday, 12 March 2013 at 7:00 p.m. we will be holding nominations for officers of our post. Please if you are a member or know of someone who is, it is encouraged for all members to attend the nex + 17 more characters
I can't tell you that, much like I wouldn't someone else yours.
While this topic is not funny, I have to add what was told to me yesterday by a young lady who shall remain nameless. While looking at the the Billings Gazette yesterday she noticed that the man had b + 177 more characters
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