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Well how goes it with everybody? While not as active a poster as I was a couple years ago I still check in to see what's going on here. Love the small town feel of & still have to get my butt o + 252 more characters
Brian, how are ya? Been a while.
That's for sure.
I'm serious Howdy, those Cubanos are wonderful. Wish I still had some......
That ban on travel/business to Cuba is completely asinine imo. The Castro regime is going to get theirs, sanctions be damned. I want my Bolivars damit!!
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they lose a little bit of their I.Q. every time Michelle Bachman opens her mouth?
Speaking of Android & Microsoft I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft is making more money licencing parts of its tech portfolio to Android than they are in Phone7. Rather amusing.
I was playing around with my friends Windows Phone7 phone and was very impressed by it. It's a big improvement over Windows Mobile. Microsoft got it right imo. It's rather sad that it's not getting mu + 118 more characters
From all I've seen from Windows 8 & Phone 7 they look incredibly good. Sounds like a great time to finally upgrade from XP.
Obama Extends the U.S. Trade Embargo on Cuba url I guess I'll have to get my cigars in Canada........
I used to be somewhat Conservative but after a long period of self-reflection I no longer consider myself to be. I still hold to some principals, mainly I think there are things that State Government + 592 more characters
Not at all Bob. I could give a rats ass about Palin. Let her spout her nonsense. Keeps me as entertained as Michelle Bachman's stupidity. I'm pretty fed up with BOTH parties. It's like all they give a + 262 more characters
Nope, no Oprah Bob. Just marveling at the comedic stupidity that is Michelle Bachman and just about every other GOP Presidential candidate out there.
Oh I'm doing good Howdy. Just been pretty damn busy. I check in here (read posts & such) but I'll post more in the future. Just doing some personal reflection and all. How's everything going with ever + 10 more characters
Can anyone from outside Montana write to the Senators and voice their displeasure with this? I'm not from Montana but I would hate to see this happen. This would be akin to moving the Pearl Harbor mem + 23 more characters
Is this a joke? WTH would they move to Arizona?
Up and running yes but some of the tech sites I've seen don't expect LTE to be widespread and cost-effectve until at least 2013. url My guess would be we'll see both CDMA and GSM iPhone 5's at WWDC 2 + 75 more characters
Josh, it would be Apple that would do the refresh as they do every summer. The only way Verizon wouldn't follow Apple's iPhone refresh cycle is if they were to dump the iPhone before June which I wou + 116 more characters
These people have no shame. Arizonans Rally to Prevent Westboro Church Disruption of Shooting Victims' Funerals url
Your day has come! Verizon to begin offering iPhone 4 in February url
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