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The whole world is taking this seriously. Why is MCC immune to any coronavirus closings. .
That elevator was still standing in the early 70's. It believe it was the Montana Elevator Co. painted on it by then. However, it had been closed a long time. It was torn down shortly after that.
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I had no idea. Well that sucks. I loved watching them every year.
I was wondering the same thing. Anyone know when the camera will be up? Are the eagles here yet? I heard they were seen quite awhile ago.
Corbin Family( Harry n& Beverly)..Margaret , Mary, Anne, Bob, Bill, Dave, Frances, Jane. lived across the street from Dunnings.
Obviously delusions of grandeur based off someone else's accomplishments. just that. They did that , not you! What have you yourself done that is so "Outstandingly Successful" to warrant the citizens + 103 more characters
Well, Manns have owned that for a long , long time. They didnt give it away either. So this guy has to pay for it, employees, work comp, insurance, etc. Give him 30 years and see where his prices are + 50 more characters
When I was a kid in High School I worked for Sig Ugrin @ Miles City Aero Service. What was then the Main hanger adjacent to the office still had one of the spare engines for those P-38's pushed over a + 303 more characters
I agree with Nikki Lynn. To undermine a genuine feeling of concern for the victims and families by invoking any medium, while at the same time ranting a diatribe that tries to impress others of your s + 137 more characters
How about get a job! Instead of looking for a handout, pay taxes and try and support yourself, see how much is left over for skate boards and wheelies, and goofing off.
cause it helps us sleep
yeah, they should let the guy that he tried to finger have one free punch,kick or whatever.
The Sheriffs department picked him up yesterday at the track. I believe they took him to the pound. Call Brett Certain and you can get him back.
Didnt know there was a "Club". they must not do too much. never hear of them doing anything.
Look up the ARRL website. It is a national organization for Amatuer Radio. There are a few "Hams" in the city of various degrees . a few of the best are Paul Grutkowski from East Mont Communications, + 15 more characters
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