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There was an article in the paper a couple of years ago about my daughter, then 17, who had just become an athlete in judo at the Olympic Training Center in CO. An update: She is currently the 57kg b + 218 more characters
Last week I went to visit a lifelong friend in Sweet Home, Oregon. While there I decided to attend church, the nearest was just shy of twenty miles away in Brownsville. Upon inquiring about visitors I + 268 more characters
Wendy, He garners a lot of looks but most folks are afraid to give him any flak. There have been a few people that have asked if anything is worn under his kilt. If I happen to be around, I reply, "Th + 108 more characters
If you're in town, Wendy, you probably saw my husband. Or my middle son, he is a Utilikilt wearer, as well.
There was fantastic coverage in the Star about our local athlete, Savannah Stacey. Being her mom, I'm a bit biased. I own it.
Richard- Just pretend there is a 'Like'button and I just wore it out.
Al, Steve, SD, Sybil, whomever you claim to be today, I hate to give you the satisfaction of a reply, yet I can't help myself: I have been happily bedding down with him for the past twenty years, as h + 82 more characters
I sleep with the guy whose patrol car was fired upon, and who talked the person out of his weapon without firing his own (or his tazer). He is a pretty neat guy; someone even gave him a nice write-up + 101 more characters
I won't get into the gun debate, but I will throw some numbers out there regarding our mentally ill child and the cost of his healthcare. First six months of his life, to include hospital stay, assor + 1136 more characters
Break Forth Bible Church is our current church home . We've been here just over a year; small, family church. My boys are 18, 13, and 5, with a 16yo daughter. Good luck. Check the realty sites, there + 34 more characters
I have K9 raffle tickets for sale. Contact me via email with your contact info and I can get them to you. Thanks, Jade
RB, There is a group of us that meet once a month during the traditional school year with the kids, and then a Mom's Night that has recently started on the 2nd Monday of the month; the mom's group mee + 60 more characters
Another feasible alternative is home education. You didn't specify a grade level, but there are many options for educating your child at home; Montana is considered a least-restrictive state for home + 14 more characters
Whoo Hoo AmberLoo!! Loves.
He will rate right up there with Dick- SeeBull. Oh, I mean, US District Judge Richard Cebull .
My husband is a retired Marine who served overseas and in Iraq. He lost friends, experienced things no other human should and guess what- he never desecrated the body of another person. Ever. Because + 158 more characters
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Her cost hasn't been determined, but we are figuring between $30-45 ( one-two classes) with discounts for multiple family members. Her first month will end up being a bit more because you must regist + 182 more characters
RE: Judo 11 years ago
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As young as 5, or so. We have a pretty good four year old, but he has been on the mat since he was about six months old. She is looking for at least one , possibly two days a week. She is willing to + 493 more characters
MeiMei, You obviously only read two words in my post: busy work. All teachers assign busy work. You know, that huge packet of worksheets designed to keep kids busy while they give individual attentio + 406 more characters
Go to www.bodyrock.tv and get a workout similar to crossfit, for free.
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