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All you good citizens of Miles City may want to study up on the definition and consequences of "witness tampering", as I'm pretty sure it's going to be a hot topic around town soon. This first lesson + 1417 more characters
Thank you, Hannah. And I double down on what Jeri said above. You are an awesome person, an incredible parent, and a true Ninja of a librarian! Bridgier, that was my favorite line from the entire spee + 232 more characters
The following is the most honest, insightful statement that Cheryl has made on and it appears to have gone completely unnoticed. (emphasis added) No wonder the conspiracy freaks don't believe + 55 more characters
If by death of America Mr. Herring is referring to the demise of bigotry against minorities of all types, the strengthening of the separation of church and state, and a chance for the middle class to + 478 more characters
A testes-monial to the power of the Three Wolves design on a t-shirt. The letter isn't from the government, but rather was submitted by an anonymous individual -- so you can trust it to be true. The T + 355 more characters
God bless you, Frank. Or, to beat Gunnar to the punch, The Force is strong in you, Frank. I'm always befuddled by the inherently contradictory beliefs of conspiracy theorists: 1) Government is complet + 429 more characters
The kooks who think Sandy Hook was a government scheme to bolster the calls for gun control are consipiracy nuts. The idjuts who are harrassing this man are just plain procreatin' conspiracy crazy. u + 234 more characters
Don't forget to add cowardly to that list, Oddjob. Pure COWARD.
Oddjob - You ask what purpose was served by the City Clerk's [statements] at the council meeting? I don't know. I'm sure if you asked her directly with even a modicum of respect, she would provide you + 566 more characters
Oddjob: By ignorantly referring to the women who serve Miles City as "harpies", you have definitely proven yourself incapable of civil discourse and therefore unworthy of a reply from Denise, Amorette + 91 more characters
Cheryl, The mental health community is very aware that new generation medications for treating various forms of mental illness may have unintended side effects for a very limited number of users, espe + 982 more characters
The below paragraph was floating around Facebook the other day, and it makes the point that the reference to a "well regulated miliatia" in the Second Amendment cannot be interpreted correctly without + 1144 more characters
Richard: Excellent advice to the President. Unfortunately, in the battle for the "undecided voter's vote", political advisors for both sides seem to believe the best use of their (seemingly un-)limite + 838 more characters
One question, Amorette: a.m. or p.m.? Ooops - sorry Richard. I though this was a Humor thread!
So, Buck's a down bro from da hood. Who knew...
It's funny how Mitt Romney and the now flagging pack of Republican candidates pilloried President Obama anytime he mentioned the mess that he inherited from President Bush. Their chorus was "Obama can + 248 more characters
Hooo-kee-doe-KEE. I think I'll head back over to the humor threads now and stay there for a long, long time.
Did anyone else catch the subliminal "V" that Nixon is making with his arms. Coincidence? I think NOT.
I see Wendy's googol and raise it by infinity.
ha! Thank you, Bridgier. You brought funny back. Now I'm LOL! ROTF, actually.
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