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Like I say call me stupid call me whatever u want skye... ur silly u make my day with every post ... well atlease people know what's up. And I'm done with this post. Hope u all have a great day! And G + 15 more characters
Yeah I hve told the cops... and nope not obama stickers. That's fine bash me on here for lettin people know there is someone slahing tires.... its kl you all think its funny. But whatever. Me and the + 266 more characters
There is an individual here in Miles City slashing car tires. I know who it is but I will not post his name on here. Just be aware they are out there cutting them for no reason just for something to d + 70 more characters
Well what happened to all the money that was donated to build a skate park when they had the donate jars at M&H? Because people donated a lot of money to it and still no skate park?
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