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Well, surprise, surprise. I did get a response to my email to Steve Daines. As I suspected, he did not really address my concern and just talked around the issue of his initial plan to contest the res + 2257 more characters
Twitter and other social media have RULES for users. If the user breaks the rules or bends them too far, Twitter has the right to close the user's account. Basically, it is if you want to play in our + 431 more characters
In light of what happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday, Steve Daines back-peddled on signing-off on the protests of some of the electoral results, however, he still continues to parrot Trump's electi + 252 more characters
Time for the 25th Amendment. The guy is totally insane. Get him out before he does any more damage and before he tries to pardon himself, all his cronies and all of today's rioters.
Add inciting a riot and encouraging insurrection and rebellion against the United States.
Secure elections, right. As of this moment, armed, Trump flag-bearing rioters have broken into the U.S. Capitol Building. They breached the Senate Chambers and are trying to get into the House Chamber + 148 more characters
I sent an email to Daines today. Of course I do not expect a reply that makes any sense. Here is a copy: Dear Senator Daines, It was reported in the Washington Post that you have joined with several o + 1259 more characters
Also, Gianforte and his Republican cronies will begin diverting funds for public education to secular private schools under the guise of "school of choice". These schools do not have a constitutional + 751 more characters
Earth, Wind and Fire was the first rock concert I went to. It was in the Bozeman Fieldhouse in '71 or '72. The sound was deafening. You could smell the pot (no I did not partake). Great time back then + 94 more characters
And now heads are rolling. Anybody in the administration who had even the semblance of a backbone and told Trump that what he wanted was not legal or gave information that he did not agree with is bei + 172 more characters
I thought that since Monday was a federal holiday and there would be no mail delivery. It was a surprise that my mother's ballot was delivered on that day. Great service from the USPS! Our ballots hav + 683 more characters
Why would anyone believe a self-admitted liar about COVID-19. Trump is on tape saying he did not “want the American people to panic”. Therefore he downplayed (lied) about the severity of the virus, it + 887 more characters
I went to the meeting this morning. It lasted a bit more than an hour. There were probably 50+ people there who were for rescinding the motion. Maybe 6-8 who were against. The commissioners gave every + 953 more characters
I don’t know if anyone read Thursday’s Miles City Star, but now the Mail Ballot Election that was previously approved by the Custer County Commissioners (resolution 2021-04) is going to be reconsidere + 1197 more characters
Trump is so concerned about fraud in the election process that he is encouraging his supporters in North Carolina to commit fraud and vote twice in their election. Encouraging someone to commit a crim + 315 more characters
Not everyone in small towns has the choice for home delivery of mail. In some areas, PO Boxes are mandatory and there is no home delivery.
I have seen recent reports of undelivered or undeliverable mail-in ballots from the primary. The majority of these were in other states, though personally, I received one in my PO Box belonging to a p + 245 more characters
If you live in Montana or are a resident for voting purposes and your vote is important to you please do the following. 1. Check Your Registration Status Check with your local county election official + 2271 more characters
The "new" phone building on Pleasant St. was built before 1959. My grandparents owned a home on that site and sold it to Mountain Bell. It was torn down for the new building. I remember using the phon + 290 more characters
Great song and message. I bet the Trump campaign will not use this song (with or without permission).
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