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Custer County just announced its first case. An asymptomatic out of state essential worker tested positive. Because the individual is not a Montana resident, it may not be included in the "official" c + 124 more characters
Sir: If I have not stopped drinking since yesterday at 10:00 a.m., do I need to stop today at 9:59 a.m. so that I can start over at 10:00 a.m. today?
Cubby said: "Only people that should have to look at that kind of mess live on the north side of town." Cubby, I find your comment offensive. Living north of the tracks or north of main street does n + 764 more characters
Governor Bullock issued the following this afternoon. It closes all Public K-12 schools for two weeks. TO: The People of the State of Montana; all officers and agencies of the State of Montana FROM: G + 5943 more characters
Not only is the school not closed, the location shown on the map is incorrect. By scrolling down several miles on the Moon Creek Road, I was able to find the school. There is an aerial view that shows + 262 more characters
MRH Wrote: Are you sure about the SH? If it is the one on the east side of the road about 10 miles south, it lost its roof several years ago, when the high winds tracked across the area and eventually + 507 more characters
The pictures are not the SH or the SY. Both are still operating. The SY was originally located on the east side of the Broadus highway but burned several years ago. It was replaced by a building on th + 226 more characters
Last night's Miles City Star had the following headline: "Donald Trump wins acquittal". In reality, the acquittal was a GIFT from those republicans cannot or refuse to see reality over their fear of t + 83 more characters
Congratulations to John Moore for well-deserved recognition.
I have already contacted him. Here is what I sent on February 25. Dear Senator Daines, I am writing regarding the President’s declaration of emergency that he will use to circumvent Congress and build + 2339 more characters
Sorry, but HB 571 deals with health care decisions. Am I missing something?
A wall that could contain Trump's ego would be impossible to build.
The insanity has hit our legislature. Now Scott Sales, Montana Senate President, wants to appropriate $8 million Montana tax dollars for the President's border wall. ( He also wants to pass a + 72 more characters
I too, found the posting of links to stories that I'd already heard on the news, read in the paper, or read on the net irritating and a waste of space. I also believe in the Webmaster's right to estab + 519 more characters
Maybe instead of blindly repeating the Trump mantra, one should do some simple fact checking. I was able to find the following with little effort. Of course there were significantly more articles with + 1079 more characters
I support Jon Tester because I believe that he looks at the whole package of a bill and votes based on his conscience as to whether it is good for Montana and/or the nation. As a bill progresses throu + 1344 more characters
He was John Whitbeck. He and his father lived across from Bud's Market.
I am reading Madeleine Albright's book "Fascism a Warning". She states that one of the first to use the term "drain the swamp" was Mussolini (page 24). There are lot of parallels with that regime and + 89 more characters
I believe that Trump is using the separation of families as an means to force comprehensive immigration law through Congress. The law of course will include the great wall of Trumpia. I am sure if the + 308 more characters
Forsyth is still in Class B except for football. For the fall of the 17-18 school year, they dropped to the new Class C 8-man configuration. This is permitted and the other sports can remain at Class + 77 more characters
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