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So, doing the simple math: 53 / 23,000 = .23% 115 / 114,000 = .10% AND 5,922 / 572,000 = 1.03% Yes, I double checked the math. Giantfart is not for working class Montanans no matter what lies come fro + 425 more characters
The Tax Act of 2017 did not do me any favors. I could not deduct the hail damage from the 2018 storm that was not paid for by insurance as casualty loss since it was not a "presidential declared disas + 487 more characters
Please free me from the freedumb caucus. Now Montana has its own mini branch. These pinheads want to criminalize art. Should a loincloth be put on Michelangelo's David? How about a bra on the Venus de + 110 more characters
At first reading, I thought the original post was the Montana GOP agenda. I am sure theirs will be almost a perfect mirror of the national agenda. And now we have a "stupid majority". There will multi + 96 more characters
I got a robocall yesterday from Lindsay Graham. The call was in support of James Brown. I knew it was a recording, but I told Graham what a piece of male bovine excrement he is. I wonder if talking ba + 74 more characters
I agree with your assessment. In addition, the letter in the Star insinuated that Justice Gustafson had only gained her position by "appointment by a democratic governor". Yes, she was appointed in 20 + 964 more characters
The current AG of Montana needs to quit wasting our tax dollars tilting at windmills. He has now signed on to a court brief opposing the seizure of the documents from Mar-a-Largo. The brief does not a + 1085 more characters
Chuck was a year behind me in high school. I once replied to one of David's posts and mistakenly called him Chuck. My condolences on your loss.
Both Rosendale and Daines voted against the PACT Act which would help to provide medical care for veterans who were exposed to toxins while on duty. Veterans, remember how they failed to support you w + 115 more characters
It concerns and disgusts me that the local person who won their 2022 election by a substantial margin still promotes the idea that the 2020 election was stolen. Will they only be satisfied if all vote + 48 more characters
I wonder why he did not include Loving v Virginia in his meanderings. After all there are some extreme conservatives (possibly some of his cohorts on the Supreme Court) who would think that his marria + 37 more characters
The Republicans/Conservatives/PACs must really want him elected. To date I have received five mailers in support of him and every night during the evening news and the game shows, there are probably t + 88 more characters
Electing James Brown makes me nervous because of the groups that sponsored his mailed flyer and those that sponsor his NUMEROUS tv ads.
I don't think hairspray is her problem. She has been kissing Trump's rump for so long, that her brain cells have atrophied. You do know the difference between a $h_thead and a brown noser?? Depth perc + 28 more characters
Paul Gosar, MATT ROSENDALE, and Thomas Massie just voted NO in the house of reps on a resolution supporting the people of Ukraine.
Amorette, it's simple. Trump has been "putining" it to them.
I wonder if we could trade Matt Rosendale to Wyoming for Cheney. We would probably have to pay them to take him even though they don't like Cheney. Just a thought.
The following is from the Montana Free Press. Does it surprise anyone? HELENA — In an internal letter delivered last month, scientific staff at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Servic + 1656 more characters
I am so tired of the governor patting himself on the back for sending National Guard Troops to help in hospitals. Why doesn't he do a PSA asking people to get vaccinated instead? Why does he oppose ma + 76 more characters
Yes, it was in the block where Hardesty's Real Estate office is. There were two or three small shops there just west of the old gas station that became Hardesty's. My Mom worked there as a teenager. I + 33 more characters
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