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I wonder if we could trade Matt Rosendale to Wyoming for Cheney. We would probably have to pay them to take him even though they don't like Cheney. Just a thought.
The following is from the Montana Free Press. Does it surprise anyone? HELENA — In an internal letter delivered last month, scientific staff at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Servic + 1656 more characters
I am so tired of the governor patting himself on the back for sending National Guard Troops to help in hospitals. Why doesn't he do a PSA asking people to get vaccinated instead? Why does he oppose ma + 76 more characters
Yes, it was in the block where Hardesty's Real Estate office is. There were two or three small shops there just west of the old gas station that became Hardesty's. My Mom worked there as a teenager. I + 33 more characters
Sorry Gunnar, but it is spelled "Faux"
Here are some headlines from a newsletter that I got today from an organization that I belong to: GF Tribune: "Montana governor signs bill targeting transgender athletes" Helena IR: "Montana Legislatu + 1050 more characters
I totally agree with what Governor Bullock said.
Jeri Custer from Forsyth seems to be the only Republican in Helena with any common sense. She has worked in the trenches as a Clerk and Recorder and represents her constituents with a clear head. The + 124 more characters
You know who one who will benefit highly from the private school tax is our very own carpet bagger governor...Giant Fart. The current legislature is concerned with lining their pockets, su + 859 more characters
So much for "made in the USA". It must be made of "fools" gold" because that is the only type of people who could follow him. When I first saw it, I did not think of the golden calf. Instead, my first + 59 more characters
Now I have an excuse that I can give to the neighbors who have pristine yards...I don't want to kill the bugs that help pollinate their flowers and veggies.
Another fascism bill emerges: Rep. Derek Skees of Kalispell has introduced HB 542 which would prohibit any state funds for public radio including Montana Public Radio and Yellowstone Public Radio. It + 355 more characters
Hello Jerry e, First, you do not have to copy and paste the previous posts to respond to them. You can actually address the individual to whom you are replying as I am right know. Second, the post tha + 1806 more characters
Yes, the Republicans are acting like fascists. I am glad you see the similarity. They have labeled the press and anyone who disagrees with them as “enemies of the people”. Anyone who votes their consc + 2634 more characters
I don't know how many are following the actions of the 2021 Montana Legislature, but it is the most frustrating one I have ever seen. They seem determined to make war on schools, voters, LGBTQ, local + 304 more characters
Yes, there are several typos, but the article is not exactly a cut and paste from the Star. I did a quick check on the article as published and think it may have been typed in by the original poster. + 244 more characters
Well, surprise, surprise. I did get a response to my email to Steve Daines. As I suspected, he did not really address my concern and just talked around the issue of his initial plan to contest the res + 2257 more characters
Twitter and other social media have RULES for users. If the user breaks the rules or bends them too far, Twitter has the right to close the user's account. Basically, it is if you want to play in our + 431 more characters
In light of what happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday, Steve Daines back-peddled on signing-off on the protests of some of the electoral results, however, he still continues to parrot Trump's electi + 252 more characters
Time for the 25th Amendment. The guy is totally insane. Get him out before he does any more damage and before he tries to pardon himself, all his cronies and all of today's rioters.
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