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I got the bill for my Mom's subscription to the MC Star. The cost is 39.95 for a 13 week subscription. That breaks down to a $3.95 "Statement Fee" and the balance of $36.00 averages to $1.38 per issue + 589 more characters
Regarding property tax rebates. Fixing Hysham's water system will not buy them enough votes.
Does that mean he's been "indoctrinated"??
Dear Senator Daines, I saw the clip of your comments regarding Drag Queens on the news. (What about Drag Kings?) Please get off the Republican moral high horse and get the Defense Spending Bill passed + 810 more characters
If they cannot control our lives by dictating who we associate with, what we read, what children learn, what medical care we seek, or any other issue that may not equate with their sense of morality, + 443 more characters
Well for the second Saturday in a row, the Miles City Star did not arrive. Not only do we not get whatever local news they deem important, we get the public meeting notices after the fact. I wonder if + 674 more characters
It is lucky that downstream cities were notified. Several years ago, there was a spill in the Yellowstone near Forsyth and their water department was not told of it. It is ironic, though, how Daines a + 139 more characters
So Rosendale is going to vote against the Debt Ceiling Bill. That does not surprise me. He is almost an identical twin to Giant Fart. They both have no empathy for anyone but themselves. One thing tha + 360 more characters
As someone who has an aging parent that I am struggling to keep in their home, I would have welcomed this program. I would not even mind paying for the service, just to have it available would be a li + 693 more characters
Yes, it was before they had the guardrails to prevent crashes into the bridge abutments. I don't know about the difference in dates but stand by my previous post.
Rick Comer and Monte Moreno were in the same car accident in February 1971. That was a sad year in Miles City with several individuals being killed in car wrecks.
Here they go again. The Republicans are afraid they can't win under the current rules, so they cheat by changing them. This is not an "experiment" It directly targets Tester. The following is from the + 1963 more characters
I read a new term today that defines what I have been trying to express in several posts: ChristoFacism
Leeches were intentionally left out. The intent of the current party in power throughout most states is to blast society back to the middle ages. Leeches will be a very needed medical tool. After all + 549 more characters
When I was in first grade (59-60), we lived on the corner of Hubble and N. Sixth. The Dibble Buick building was there and I had to walk by it every day on my way to the Garfield School. I do not remem + 135 more characters
My Dad worked there when my parents were first married. I remember going there with him a couple of times. It sure seemed big to me. Now looking at the lot, it could not have been very large. It was a + 174 more characters
This guy is great. He is so on point. I wrote to the education committee in opposition of this bill at the beginning of the week and asked them if this was a veiled way of prohibiting the teaching of + 268 more characters
THIS IS THE LATEST FROM THE MONTANA FREE PRESS: "State lawmakers in the House of Representatives gave broad approval Monday to a bill that would allow medical providers, health care facilities and ins + 2278 more characters
Yes it is. It has been heavily covered in the local news. The AF even scrambled jets to look at it. No decision to shoot it down, yet. Our local Senator, Ken Bogner was on TV saying that this is why h + 187 more characters
So, doing the simple math: 53 / 23,000 = .23% 115 / 114,000 = .10% AND 5,922 / 572,000 = 1.03% Yes, I double checked the math. Giantfart is not for working class Montanans no matter what lies come fro + 425 more characters
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