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Josh, so you think that being in the media gives you authority? You obviously missed my point. But then media people like to twist things around for a better story... As for what my name is doesn't m + 484 more characters
I never said anything rude about the victims and I hope they find the bastards as much as anyone, but posting the victims names before it has even been released to the news media is rude and disrespec + 308 more characters
Don't you think out of respect for the family and respect for the ongoing investigation that you should not be posting names on here? How would you like to find out about one of your family member's d + 388 more characters
I think it would be kind of nice if there was a phone app for this website...
Is there a place to board your dogs in town? Or a doggie daycare?
Does anyone know if tonight is when people will be dressing up in the bars? Or is there any costume parties tonight?
Thank you everyone for your suggestions! She will check them out! Again, thanks a bunch!
Gunnar, as a man when you start reading and replying to posts about baking cakes, that's when you know your life is going no where. She can bake, but she wants a SPECIALTY cake. You know, like the Cak + 153 more characters
Does anyone know of someone who bakes and decorates specialty/theme cakes, either professionally or part-time? I have a friend that wants someone to make a cake she found on the internet for an upcomi + 109 more characters
Dr. Nichols comes from Bozeman. He seems to be really good with kids. My niece and a griends daughter go to him and like him.
Come on! We r slipping fast!!! Keep voting!!
Blue Moon The one that's going into the KFC/A&W building--or was it Brewsters? Lucky Lils Gold Dust Golden Spur The one in the old Pizza Hut building The one by Curves Any of the bars Did I miss any? + 45 more characters
Nikki Lindvold does a great job at Imagine That. 234-7626
I figured the burning of practically an entire city block was enough of a sign that our town has too many casinos. I guess I was wrong...
I am looking for a couple of books that Donald Harstad wrote. He wrote Eleven Days , Known Dead, The Big Thaw, Code 61, and A Long December aka The Heartland Experiment. I am look for Code 10 and Thre + 404 more characters
I will, thank you!
Does anyone know of anyone in town who teaches any martial arts? I would like to enroll my kids in one and possibly even myself. Maybe my husband would do it, too...
Does anyone know if the pumpkin was found?
I have only 5 clues and they don't make a whole lot of sense yet. Maybe we could list the clues we have heard on here, pool our thoughts.
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