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Okay, I skipped through a few of these so sorry if this is a double post. A friends son needed some dental work done and at the time did not have her insurance. She called to see what the cost would b + 989 more characters
It just makes my heart sink. I am so glad that there are people out there who really do care, in my mind there are only 2 things in this world that are innocent and helpless. Children and animals. The + 295 more characters
Though I agree that removing the lid off of coffee while in motion, isn't the best of choice, I personally will have to question the fact that it caused 3rd degree burns. The coffee made at home doesn + 326 more characters
Great link...
Thanks Dave, very interesting!!
Wendy, not sure what you statement is trying to imply about the lawyers. If you think we are passing all blame on them as the reason that costs are so high, that is not the case. I hold the patients f + 629 more characters
That is definately part of the problem that increases everyone's health costs "Sue Happy" people just looking for their payout. Most people use common sense but there are a lot of "pill poppers" out t + 1412 more characters
Here is something to think about as well, though I haven't actually read the healthcare bill, I believe that until they reform the medicaid system, improve the treatment and health benefits of the peo + 1091 more characters
I guarantee you will not make 22/hr here in Miles City. However, rent usually isn't 1200/mo. Depends on what you are looking for. To my knowledge, you won't be finding "new" appartments or houses for + 983 more characters
what a great post!! Thanks for letting us know
Ok so no one answered the previous question...what is going on??? What are people protesting???
I am sure if these execs are willing to dump their jobs if there becomes a paycap (good luck finding a high paying job in this economy) that there will be someone just as qualified willing to take a h + 155 more characters
When the financial institutions don't have to beg for government welfare, then I think they can pay what they want to their "highly talented" CEOs. ( I am sure these talented people had nothing to do + 965 more characters
From what I have read, it is my understanding that OPEC has shut down some of their oil refineries in order to increase gas prices. The lowest price was at $40/barrell and "they" feel that that is an + 295 more characters
Well I think I would be a tainted juror. To be fair I would have to ask to be excused. I would do her no good to sit thru hearing all of her lies. I have seen too much, read too much and yes I have pr + 790 more characters
I agree with Amorette, I didn't realize how that all came about, just knew the basics with the Walsh story. It may of been a different time back then, but I will have to say when I had my son the "mot + 477 more characters
I think it is amazing that he could even think straight during all of this. I am not sure I could of done what he did. I am so sorry that he had to experience such a situation. HERO??? YES INDEED!!!! + 167 more characters
I think the reason it "matters" jw..... is the fact that indeed there ARE 2 people dead. Most of us are trying to figure out a motive here, how could something like this happen, why?? It's unimaginabl + 522 more characters
For those of you who are inquiring, the names are posted on the Stevenson & Sons website. The obituaries are not available as of yet but some information is posted. Bob L has provided the link for you + 54 more characters
Where Were You When The World Stoped Turning- Alan Jackson In The Ghetto- Elvis I Hope You Dance- Leanne Womack If You're Reading This- Tim Mcgraw Ring Of Fire- Johnny Cash The Highwayman- Willy Nelso + 385 more characters
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