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Im not really understanding how it would "offend" you, Richard, to be watching the Broncos, who are my favorite football team, and see that they are raising awareness to a cause. AND as you said your + 625 more characters
The lime green car is Rick's and it is a Charger. the lisence plates used to say "Hemi Eh" because my boyfriend's parents owned it and they are canadian. Whent they moved back to Canada they stored it + 269 more characters
GO CATS!!! Sorry, I had too... haha
The 2008-2009 Cowboy football team was my senior year and the most fun I have EVER had watching football, concidering that two of my cousins (Kalfell and Singleton) were also seniors and the rest of t + 436 more characters
Thanks for the back up guys. This whole things just really made me realize that at 19 I am more mature then someone who has the time to sit on their computer and put research into who a person is that + 547 more characters
ummm ok. whoever that first "Skye" was...isnt me...this would be Skye Watts and yes I am 19 years old and that Facebook link is to my page. But I have not been on this site for a long time and I did n + 278 more characters
No i am not looking for a job. I have a job and I have experience because I worked at DQ for a year and a half. I simply just wanted some dang curly fries!
I would go strai to Key Club at the high school, the Principle, or SADD. Miles City could reallyuse something like that!
Thanks for all the insight guys....but can I get a strait answer from someone!?
Mrs. Mott is still at the high school, she is teaching yearbook, some freshman english and French 1&2. I was in the last graduating class of '09 and when I got to CCDHS Madame Halbert was teaching Fre + 394 more characters
Ok.. So noone really answered my question...Does anyone know the truth? Like for sure with evidence? I heard it from another fast food owner in Miles City so I don't know what to think.
Does anyone know the real truth of an Arbys coming to Miles City? I heard it was going next to the, yet another casino that is going between Wendys and Wal-Mart. Is this true!?
Small portions are not a bad do realize that when you go to a restaurant you are eating about 4 times the amount you should be in your regular diet? so really they should cut the cost and + 93 more characters
Ive been told that this town is Suicideville. And it is very true. Being a senior in high school in this town is not fun, and it can be very stressful. I have come to the conclusion that you have to l + 186 more characters
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