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I don't usually respond to attacks that are mean and tasteless... I don't mean you... sometimes too the reason I don't respond is because I am very busy and don't have time to read all the post.... An + 3180 more characters
Gunmar , everything I said are true!! I am talking about myself and what I learned while working in the Senate office. Who are you to say it is not true??? You were not there when I was working with a + 83 more characters
Who cares about this issue! Who can tell me you did not do a stupid thing when you are younger . They said you are not normal if you say you are perfect!!!! Everybody do a stupid mistake when they are + 748 more characters
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dave Herring, Thank you for enlightening all of us!! We in our family agree with everything you said!! Way to go!! I think we ne + 1381 more characters
I would still look at the works of Obama!!!! People should not be deceived by great politics!!! After all they are just a bunch of cunning words to make you re hire Obama!!!
Kacey : This sounds like Democrat works!!! Romney was far gone from Bain Capital when these things happened and was running the Olympics!!!! Democrats made all this up!!! If you want to know the truth + 181 more characters
*********************************************************************** GCC angel2, you are right Romney and Ryan are far superior candidates, I believe history will show Obama as the worst president + 333 more characters
Wendy Branum Posted: 9/5/2012 1:54:20 PM From: - MT OMG, everybody! learn to compromise and start doing what is good for the country!!!! *************************************************************** + 251 more characters
You know , I don't really care at what you claim are facts about Obama or Romney because ..... I LOOK AT WHAT THE PRESIDENT HAVE DONE!!! THE FACT THAT IS IN FRONT MY EYES!!! And that fact is HE ACCUMU + 1716 more characters
All your statement Amorette about Romney is actually false. That is what Obama wants you to believe so he will get re-elected and make him look good. Actually Romney wants to cut taxes for EVERYBODY!! + 396 more characters
The family of that gay guy your talking about stated that it is not true so who are you to accuse him of doing so ? Still he ate a dog!!
I am not sure about the comment above. But I want to know which is worse, the one who ate Dog like Obama admitted in his own book and used drugs? Really drug user for a President? The government spend + 566 more characters
Bridgier If you don't understand how economics works, why should we pretend that you understand how politics works? And I'm getting sucked into this by someone whom I'm starting to believe is a troll + 1447 more characters
The box of hamburgers at Walmart which is used to be $ 19.98, today the Walmart Associate told me they are going to raise it to $ 25.00/box. So Good luck on your Pres. Obama!! Everything keeps on gett + 378 more characters
Talking about honesty, I caught OBAMA lied on his speeches too many times as well as other Democrats . All his promises alone before he got elected he have done lots of unfulfilled promises...... I ha + 2772 more characters
You have the right in your opinion but I pay a lot of taxes too. So I think everybody has the right to where their taxes go. Well may the best candidate win. Thanks.
Sorry howdy but I disagree with your comments. I don't believe that for a second about the Voucher system. I am still for Romney's Plan. I agree with his bright ideas. And I am confident with his succ + 1566 more characters
The objective of the Voucher System is the Kids first and teachers second!! if we are thinking about "offensive" think about the kids first who needs the help foremost before worrying that somebody wi + 326 more characters
I am not sure about what you said but I still like the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!! we should be more worried about the students FIRST or our kids first before we worry about the public school. If the school i + 2588 more characters
So, you want states to pay for all education? Which means poor states, like Montana, will have to make due with substandard education. What a swell idea! Amorette and howdy! I uderstand now what you m + 1836 more characters
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