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What happened to the previous webcam the city had? Is there a chance of restoring it? I hope to hear something on the subject
Hello When do you plan to put your city webcam in function again? I hope to hear some news, James in Chile
What is needed too? To fix your webcam to see you outside and to gain admirers. and new visitors like me, I hope there is good news on the subject soon, I wait to hear James in Chile
Hello I am in Chile. there is no thanksgiving here. I would enjoy seeing a Thanksgiving family get-together photo. It would remind me of old times I used to have there. I remember a verse of a song th + 226 more characters
Hello I miss your webcam and would like to here from you about the weather there. I have hope for good contacts there in Miles City. The webcam tells the story about you to the rest of the world. Hope + 24 more characters
Hello I live afar and joined your website last year. I enjoyed your webcam when it was functioning. I hope you can get it functioning again. You have interested people with you from distances. Hope to + 26 more characters
Hello again Is there any way to know of the progress of the webcam? Is that kind of computer very expensive? Did you know you were gaining an audience to the rest of the world? Imagine me in Santiago + 234 more characters
Ideas? Yes, you had a good idea with the webcam on a street scene throughout the year. It is interesting for one far away and likes you as myself. What happened to the webcam? You took it out. I am h + 77 more characters
Hello I miss seeing your webcam. I look forward to its soon repair. Reply and give me hope, James in Chile
Hello What is the recipe for tortilla soup? I think your ideal would fit great here in Santiago Chile. Anybody there willing to come here for a visit? especially this time of year. Hope to hear, James + 9 more characters
Hello we don't need soup this time of the year. but a friendly letter is always welcome. James
Hello I'm intrigued, I would like hearing from you in a penfriend relationship. Hope to here more, James in Chile
Hello I would enjoy hearing more from you and your comments and information there. I wait to hear, James in Chile
Hello Any potential penfriends there in Miles City? I would be happy to write. James in Chile
Send some pics of a tipical Thanksgiving. It is missed much here in Chile, James
Hello I saw your comments. If things are like that with me, I found it helpful to get up and go to the manager's office and plant my disquietuds. Let me know if it will help out with your case. Hope t + 13 more characters
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