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Jeff williams at holy rosary and handled my pregnancy with ease, he answeres every question you have to the fullest detail, he helps in any way he can and makes sure ur comfortable! hes not overbearin + 181 more characters
I know they may not but I do lol, that's why i said "was" And gave the number to get ahold of her!
Laurie stark-853-1741 call her she was in the discovery pond with her own lil business, she does wedding( tux,suit,brides dress, and so much more!)
Lol, we actually have never tried to cut them, just kept them for more privacy coverage, but if they are in fact the same as in the pic and someone is wanting to come pick them for use then please by + 22 more characters
Okay so since I can't post pictures, I can't show u but, I think I have these growing on my privacy screen outside around our porch,we just thought they were weeds and never looked any further into it + 120 more characters
It is what it is but I'm sure if they were a close friend or family member they would have been notified and not asking on a website!
I think this should be deleted no matter the rules of this page, this is disgusting and I would hate to find out like this, a family is grieving right now and u have the nerve to come one here and ask + 212 more characters
I don't get the miles city star but I understand the change as well and like the others said am not very happy, I think the fair itself will suffer this year, hope they don't have this schedule next y + 150 more characters
Yes it was last Thursday!
He was jumped or in a fight with 2-3 others at the T.I. He fell,hit his head then was rushed to billings and is in a medical enduced a comma there in billings- from hear say around town people that sa + 58 more characters
I was just in there last night,all the shelves were full,and the ladies that were working were very kind and helpful!
0_o crazy,well thanks for the info i appreciate it!
Why is it starting on Wednesday and ending saturday?
This is why i buy food instead of giving money!
Always devastating when someone that young dies,but hopefully justice will be brought! Prayers for the family!
Was told there is an epidemic of a new strand of strep going around where u dont get the bumps on the back of ur throat! Would get checked! Hope this helps!
Hope all of the mothers out there are having a beautiful wonderful day despite weather!
Go to billings,glendive or sidney!
Just Monday and Tuesday from what I heard and read!
It's not just a MONTANA thing,it happens everywhere!
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