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Did anyone bother to watch the second video cash posted? It is about the water powered auto engine. Should revolutionize the world. Even more powerful that putting the letter V onto lamp posts.
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Can't blame a fellow for going out to celebrate after a victory in the war against health care for the poor. {Problem with emoticons is, you have to add one so that people know you are being facetiou + 60 more characters
Nonsense. Every tax cut is a jobs bill. Cutting spending puts money back in the pockets of the rich. Then, you wait for the trickle down. The trickle down makes everyone so rich that they pay more tax + 423 more characters
Sounds like class warfare to me. Oh, no. Wait. Class warfare only happens when the poor want to damage the rich. When the rich want to damage the poor, that is called pragmatism.
HB 354 is the one which makes it OK for landlords to stop installing carbon monoxide detectors. HB 384 is the one which makes it OK to carry concealed weapons into bars, churches and banks. It is all + 44 more characters
Much thanks. Very enjoyable.
Governor url Senators url Representative url National Park Service 1849 C Street NW Washington, DC 20240 (202) 208-3818 NPS Intermountain Region John Wessels, Regional Director National Park Service 1 + 53 more characters
Thank you for the reply, Aaron. If, as you say, the Board's "intent" is not to move the MCHF & WHC, I hope the Board will state very clearly in their Request For Proposals just how firm that intent i + 498 more characters
Make that: url
It sounds like you are saying HB 528 will not change the location, and then saying there will be no consideration of changing the location unless HB 528 passes. So which is it? Would HB 528 allow fo + 258 more characters
I zeroed out the military and did not change anything else. Problem then was what to do with all the extra money.
I blame myself for this adultery. It was my fault because I did not spend enough time at home because I was so very deeply dedicated to the excellent work I was doing. It is a great old gag. I rememb + 48 more characters
Obama gave us health care reform that consists of forcing people to pay corporations for insurance, cut a deal to let fat cats keep their tax cuts despite world record deficits, continued the Bush pol + 210 more characters
In Bozeman, on Eighth Street between Main and the MSU campus they have been know to put up a sign that says "Rough Road Next Mile" this time of year. There are not enough orange cones to flag all the + 62 more characters
OK. Not a good Christian. Next time you see one, ask about who predates Christ.
Gosh. What brought that to mind? url
You make it sound like that is an easy thing. Out-douching Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin is going to be quite a challenge. I am not sure Huckabee is up to it. I see bumper stickers douc + 25 more characters
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