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Hal - If you look at the car that's behind the guy's white hat it appears to be a 5 window Model A Ford,which would date the picture 1928 or later.
One of the Bucking Horse Sale Parade entrants was an old cowboy that rode his horse down the street while cracking a bullwhip.I have asked a lot of folks about him and most all remember him,but nobody + 322 more characters
"Making America Great Again" We still vote,own guns,and are free to voice our opinions.Yes,our country has big problems but I don't ever think it's stopped being Great.
I also had the great pleasure to operate both the Rumley and the Pioneer.Both amazing machines.The Pioneer steered by winding/unwinding chains to both sides of the front axle.The operator had a two sp + 1430 more characters
"Men were pigs" Just remember...A dog will look up to a man..... A cat will look down on a man.... But only a man can look into a mirror and see a pig....
Garry Carter Schye April 15,1947 - June 26,2015 68 years old Garry was a complex man.He was a humorous,witty,cynical,intelligent guy that lived most of his life on his own terms.Yet another one o + 80 more characters
When Tempo closed,they started taking an additional 10% off each day.In five days,everything was half price.After that,you had to gamble that someone else wouldn't buy what you were thinking of purcha + 88 more characters
Wow Tucker I'm jealous.Drivin' a B/dragster and a C/gasser had to be a blast.The closest to that kind of racecar I got was pitting for Dr. Fred Anderson and his A/Altered.[8.15 1/4 mile ET]. I did how + 542 more characters
do you have any Dirty Dozen tickets left?
I played many a gig with Jeff Lemay.We had a set list that we loosely followed,depending upon the crowd and the crowd's reaction.Numerous times I remember almost in a panic when nothing we played seem + 452 more characters
Ira["Bugs"]Carey,62 years old passed away recently in southern California.Another one of the old Barneys Bar crowd thats gone.RIP Bud.
Had a great time.Hats off to the cast,crew and directors.I agree about the "thinking on their feet"-gotta love hearin' good improv.Once again,great job and thanks kids.
Jeff Lemay jammed w/ FUBAR whenever they were in town but he wasn't a member.Frank Dakota[Zachary]-drummer,Rainbow-bass,Tom Silo was lead guitar,replaced by a guy named Monte.Helluva C&W/Rock Band fro + 96 more characters
Agree with the good recommendations concerning Dave Smith - He's the Man !!
I understand why a lot of folks switched to Subarus and Hondas back in the 80's.Back then American cars guzzled fuel and were poorly built.Those 'lil Subarus were almost indestructible. Things have ch + 393 more characters
The MLB Hall-Of-Fame used to be on my bucket list.You could offer me an expenses paid trip there and unless I could sell the package,I'd refuse.Until Pete Rose is in,I'm stayin' out.
"Personally, I was hoping this story would end with - "and then he was eaten by wolves" Wow. Personally I was hoping the story would end like it actually did-the guy's OK.
Everytime I've been there the food and service was excellent.
Uhm............I don't live on a hill.
"Now why a person would register a vehicle they have no intention of operating on a public roadway is a bit of a mystery to me." A few years back there was some discussion about unregistered vehicles + 477 more characters
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