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This is too funny!! April 7th 1978 #1 song was "HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE" Really! That is funny I don't care who you are!!
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The folf course should provide some great fun! If it ran into issues at Riverside park? Where would be some other places people would like to see it?
These are great simulators! Good job Craig!
Laurel did get scored on last week!! I think the Cowboys will have to win this game with the Offensive Line and Defensive Line!!
Escape Spa can do spray tans! Echo does them 234-3263
I think the food at Iron Horse is ok. I have a craveing for mexican chicken now and then but 1 1/2 hours for lunch is ridiculous! If the service was better it would be good!!
I will always call it Denton Field! However I may also be ok with Rauh Park or something like that if it is going to be a better facility. Invesco is still Mile High to most! I also don't think 125,00 + 31 more characters
My wife a year ago had the same exact problem with the French Dip! We use to eat there once a week and never had any problems. I understand that roast beef can be nasty but that wasnt' our issue. We t + 178 more characters
Now that is a prediction I hope comes true! Lets go Cowboys!!
wow Slosh great prediction!
We are really excited to be the 1st prize donators and are looking forward to this event. Thank You for contacting us! Ryan and Kent owner/guides of Bounty on the Badlands www.bountyonthebadlands.com
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The boys by at least two touchdowns and imagine this.....Hubbell and I agree......a couple missed extra points. The other night on KULR-8 when they interviewed the BC kids you could almost tell they k + 127 more characters
your post says 29th. I will be playing just thought you may want fix to 26th!
Got lightning delay then called just after first quarter. The Boys were up 20-0 definately out sized the Powell team but I am looking forward to what looks like a fun year!
I think the Boys will be good this year! I have ran the chains the last 4 yrs and get to see up close what is going on. If the boys don't clash within themselves and know it is a team event, they will + 16 more characters
Jan- I would say that your statement is exactly why they picked little Miles City to rezone and make money because it mostly like is not gonna flood. averae policy premium per year is 500 or so and as + 275 more characters
David, I am an insurance agent and don't need it explained. My point is that if Banks and the Feds weren't involved you would not "HAVE" to buy flood insurance. I don't like it happening to Miles City + 229 more characters
What is the winners name? I did not see it. Very good job!
I understand that but it is not the so called "insurance company" that did this. It was FEMA! The Feds screwed it up imagine that.
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