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Recent Forum Posts wife and I were driving back to our motel room last night, when I saw that the Spur was open! So I dropped her off, went back, and came in with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Just in ti + 271 more characters
Richard: Truly you are a bastard to taunt me in my hour of need. It appears that instead of watching football, playing board games with my family is next on my agenda. That is, once the womenfolk hur + 31 more characters
Gunnar here, not my mom. Just drove by the Spur, it is closed. Damn. I cannot believe this deadbeat town will not have a bar open with the Eagles game on. Someone help me out here.....maybe I will try + 195 more characters are my Bobcat hero. Good for you to stand up to the evil Griz imperalists. Those Griz are worse than the Vikings in the 12th century....having their way with Irish lassies. Go Bobcats in 200 + 2 more characters
As a member of the school board, I was very suprised and concerned when I started getting parents' calls on Thursday and Friday. Frankly I was surprised that the administration did not see the need to + 719 more characters
We had our last "all fifties" class reunion in Bozeman in 1954. It was great fun and wonderful to see friends from other classes. The reason is was the last was the planners said it was getting to be + 99 more characters
Before we went to war, there was plenty of evidence that the intelligence was being manipulated. There were a lot of people, Tucker included, that opposed going to war. Information coming out now show + 684 more characters
Every case is different. You need to ask her doctor these questions. I am surprised they haven't discussed it with your mother. Perhaps she needs to have you with her when she goes for consultation. M + 84 more characters
I think the fact that he is still working at M&H attests to the fact that they believe he is innocent. This all gets back to the incompetance of the investigation and the lack of willingness to say, " + 71 more characters
There is evil in this world. Carter was foolish because like most Americans, at the time, he didn't realize the psyche of the region. However, the people who really got us in trouble with Iran, were t + 327 more characters
I wouldn't mind going to the Merle Haggard concert in Helena. That sure would make a nice early birthday present. "Bar room,Buddies -- that's the best kind" sounds like a nice folk opera.
Yes, let's damn Carter all to hell. After all he has the audicity to run around and build houses for Habitat and work for peace, and try to restore trust and integrity for our nations. Don't you just + 653 more characters
And then you wonder why mothers worry.
Don't forget we will be celebrating Elsie Fox's 99th birthday at the Bookstore on December 1, 2006. Cake and Coffee will be furnished but if anyone wishes to contribute, snacks and hors d'oeuvers woul + 80 more characters
Conrad Burns was never a rocket scientist. His real contribution to the Republican Party, as is Rehberg's, is blindly following Republican leadership whereever it takes us. What galls me is how the Re + 790 more characters
I'm sure many of you remember Howard Letke. He was a great history teacher and all three of my children developed a love of history from his classes.
I'm sure many of you remember Howard Letke. He was a great history teacher and all three of my children developed a love of history from his classes.
They were Good Men and Salty Cusses by Bill Hunter
Ken Lay's nickname was "Kenny Boy" until he got indicted. Then Bush tried to distance himself. Surely you remember all the contributions made by Enron executives to the Bush campaign. By the way have + 455 more characters
Johnnie, last evening was magical. The quintet was fabulous and the party was wonderful. I didn't get up to give a toast last night, but I want you to know that everytime I had a chance to visit with + 357 more characters
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