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Sawyer's Stores were all architechturally similar, almost identical: Long, narrow building, with two picture windows in the front which bordered an inset central doorway that was accessed by ascending + 746 more characters
Hi Larry, The publication, "Miles City, an Architectural History" by John V. Goff is cited at the bottom of the brochure. It was published in 1988. That narrows the time line a bit. sorry for the qu + 58 more characters
"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." -attributed to Albert Einstein; or Alexander Dumas; or anonymous
An essential facet of creating empathy is listening. I wish that the author of that article would have encouraged his readers to learn how to listen first. Nobody listens anymore. Rudeness in the name + 278 more characters
"... his voters took Trump seriously but not literally, even as his critics took him literally but not seriously." The Economist, November 12, 2016
This is very cool. Thank you for showing this rescource.
A related story: Last year a local man rescued two Greater Canada goslings whose mother had been eaten by a coyote. The guy kept the two little birds in a small cage in his yard for a short time befor + 401 more characters
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Go outside and get some fresh air, Richard. Enjoy 2016
The God of Small Things
Sounds like Amorette's delusions don't agree with someone else's delusions.
Under the rubric Small World Mystery: In the Summer of 1969 I had the opportunity to travel with a bunch of other teenagers on a Mediterranean trip. A very cool aspect of this tour was that we were + 796 more characters
Its difficult and fraught with safety problems to plow during the day. Less traffic--fewer problems at night.
Gunnar That's the same guy whose IRA is managed by PowerBall
Usually, when people have financial difficulties, the first bill that goes unpaid is the doctor/hospital bill; the second is the rent; and third is the utility bill. Two of these directly affect the l + 795 more characters
Elizabeth, You may have missed the point. When his yard was in its junky condition, he was enjoying it.
I didn't know that you espoused a science fiction religion, Gunnar. My suggestion is that you become Amish.
The Floor of Heaven by Howard Blum.
# 10 g-man Edgar
I enjoy going down to the dam; North on 15th Avenue. Chris: The glass of water is frozen at this time. Move along. Nothing to see there.
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