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Gunnar, when have we seen MC get crushed in the finals by BC? I've been following Cowboy football for quite a while and it seems that the Cowboys win when it matters with BC. 2008 and 2010. What state + 46 more characters
The unsung hero of this Cowboy team is Evan Haughian in my opinion. I'm not trying to take anything away from the others I'm just saying Evan is big on support to make things happen. He's still having + 61 more characters
I've been trying to figure out the Miles City Star since I moved here 18 yrs ago. It seems they have always been reluctant to publish info on crimes. I've heard they refrain from using names because t + 751 more characters
What a game! Leave it to the Cowboys to pull a rabbit out of the hat with 35.4 seconds left! The cowboys have done this last second kind of thing before against Dillon in the quarter finals in 2010. I + 155 more characters
I see a chick!
I can't get the video to play. I downloaded the software. Nothing. What am I doing wrong?
Not sure but I saw a helo heading for the airport from town at just before 5.
I don't think you are going to find a bad public school in Miles City. Amorette is right on not being able to choose what in town elementary your child goes to. It depends on space and your residence + 873 more characters
JR's repair in Billings is the only place to go for repairs IMO. I had a Subaru with some problems that many mechanics looked at an couldn't figure out. I called JR's Repair and told them the issue. H + 191 more characters
Yep. Quite a few Northern's in the Y-stone. It'd be nice if everyone took them home when they caught them. Haven't ever heard of anyone catching a Cut throat trout this far down river but Northern's e + 106 more characters
Gunnar: I don't think this is the place for political rhetoric. This is a family in need. Let's come together and help them as a community, country or whatever and leave the political BS for another f + 5 more characters
I haven't noticed the lack of pigeons but then I haven't paid attention. If there is a serious decline in numbers my bet would be that they contracted some virus. People have been trying to eradicate + 264 more characters
No Joe. I'll stand by my previous comments. I said 2 promiment gun guys died and they did.
When I first started reading this article I thought it was like the papers at the checkout stand, and it probably is. But I googled these guys and the article is factual, at least about the deaths. I + 55 more characters
I have to agree Hal. This has been one of the most civil threads on on a divided issue. Some really good ideas here. If we can, as a country acknowledge that each person has a "right" to the f + 584 more characters
url Obviously we can all find articles to support our chosen side. And I think Amorette is right (not about the muskets though) we should be open to discussion of all possible solutions. That's not t + 1023 more characters
Someone please explain the current laws on private weapons sales.I would guess that each state has different requirements. I watched the video here and didn't see where any laws were being broken, exc + 656 more characters
Joe: yes, I am aware that gun shows and private gun sales are exempt from background checks. I don't stand with the NRA on many issues and I don't believe in registration of firearms or any permanent + 1116 more characters
Point well taken Amorette. I stand corrected.
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