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try "sociopathic behavior"
Try the Custer County Health Department, Phone #874-3377.
Have it your way Steve, I did work in the medical field for a whole lot of years and have seen a whole lot of changes come and go which also includes a lot more paper work put on nurses due to mandate + 341 more characters
Buck, What you are asking is a violation of a federally mandated act, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Acoountability Act). I suggest you study that, especially the area that refers to HIPAA vi + 326 more characters
Kacey, I would suggest that you research the term libel and than look back on some of your threads.
I have lived in small towns and rural areas most of my life. I believe I can speak from some experience. Again, you are judged by who you are and not who you think you are.
Comparing Custer County political figures to that of national figures is like comparing apples and oranges. In a small rural community it will come back to bite you in the rear. You are judged by who + 39 more characters
Am I making a fool of myself or did I hit a nerve? What has been happening in this so called corner is destructive satire and the willful hurting of other people and their families. Yet those very sam + 260 more characters
Is it anymore painful than what they are doing to other people in Custer County?????
Eric, did I criticize your place of business???? I thought I was being complimentary.
Surrounded by such exemplary collegues and friends such as you, Brandt IT should have many successful years of growth and success in Miles City.
Come November, remember that many of the voters in Custer County will come under your "apt description" of me. Good luck!!!!!! There long term memories are also in high gear!!!!!
Eric, since you believe that you are God's gift to Miles City, carry on!!!!!. And by the way, you do need more than 27% of the votes to gain a seat in the commissioner's office.
Why Eric, I apologize for leaving Miles City without asking your permission first!!!!!!!
Still smells like sour grapes and vat mates stomping together.
Oh, are you trying to tell me that Eric doesn't have the capability or know how to cut and paste?????
Who said you had to be artistic to cut and paste?????
Sorry JT, but you sound so much like Eric, I just wonder if you are his clone???
Me thinks thou protests too much.
It talks like an Eric, it thinks like an Eric, it writes like an Eric. IT IS AN ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!
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