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I spoke with the ladies at the Ursuline Convent by phone. The earliest records were from about 1918, which was also too late for me. I e-mailed the school in Great Falls, MT with no reply.
I am looking for information about John Larson, born Oct 1910 in Miles City to Herman and Edna Larson. John's sister, Lillian, was adopted in 1913 and I think another family may have adopted John. I h + 48 more characters
I am looking for the records of the boarders at the Ursuline Convent between 1912 and 1916. Does anyone know where these records are kept and by whom?
Hi Cindy, I am still looking for information about Edna and Herman Larson between Nov 16, 1916 and Jan 16, 1917. I requested an interlibrary loan of the newspaper in 2004, 5 reels at a time. They nee + 126 more characters
Hi Amorette, I would be very interested in that article because the Koerners are my family!!
Are there any online archives for this newspaper from 1916-1917?
"This Last West" by Lorman L. Hoopes Cole, J. W. (Uncle) '12: born NY; '46 Marries: date? stage driver; works far and wide; thru Pa., Ohio, Indiana, Minn., Dakotas, Manitoba and the M.T. Bismark to Fo + 321 more characters
I don't know the location of "stone shack" but my grandmother wrote about it in her memoirs. Charlie Snyder and his wife Josephine came by wagon from South Dakota to operate the way station, Stone Sha + 120 more characters
Thank you for all the information!! Roberta
That was alot of hard work. Thank you. The only child's name is Fernie. It is in my grandmother's memoirs that Edna disappeared and that her 2 or 3 children were adopted; she gave no names I don't kno + 499 more characters
Is there a list of the persons who died during the flu epidemic? and where would I find it? Roberta
What were the years Dr. Sadie was in practice in Miles City? What were the years that the Ursuline Convent housed the unwed mothers? Thanks for your help
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Where would I purchase a copy of the "Centennial History of Custer County 1889-1989" if it is still available?
"The Guernsey Literary and and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Very interesting!
After many years I have learned the married name of my great aunt. Family story goes, she married, had 3 children and disappeared; her children were adopted out. Her name was Edna Moffatt and she marr + 328 more characters
Hi, I looked for Larry Conahan in Ancestry. There were only two with this spelling. One was the SS Death Index and the other was the Montana State Death Index. It said he was 75 years old, single, nev + 106 more characters
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At the Miles City Genealogy Society site, most of the books are listed as out of print. Is there any other place in Miles City that sells the book, "Custer County Cemetery Interment, all burials to 19 + 4 more characters
Hi, There is an article in "This Last West" by Dr.Hoopes about H.C.Thompson. Do you have this? Roberta Campbell
I think I can narrow the time of the school records I am looking for from 1908 to 1910. It would be High School records. Does any one have the address for the County Superintendent's office of Schools + 25 more characters
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What schools would have been operating between 1900 and 1910 in Miles City? Are they still operating today? Are school records available for this period of time?
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