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A very sad loss.
Montana does allow homebirths; the above link for Mountain Midwives is the only place that has a midwife that will travel to Miles City, as I understand it. They also have an apartment, essentially, o + 72 more characters
url Your "numbers" on auto accidents and such is seriously flawed. This is just one of MANY articles pointing that out. If you want to leave your son's foreskin intact, be my guest, but seriously - qu + 46 more characters
Josh, I don't have a completely assembled computer, but I can see what I can do about mixing and matching pieces to get one together for you. Is your email on here good, if I do get that far? (My emai + 60 more characters
Kacey, seriously? He kept his kids out to NOT spread it, and you're acting like he's asking the school to solve world hunger instead of notifying other parents, at the least, about the lice issue. He' + 747 more characters
If you're looking at a prepaid phone, I believe that AT&T has pretty comparable rates, but I'm not 100% positive. Check out their website; I know they also have cheap, if not free, phones with their p + 20 more characters
24 hours would be outstanding. Late night (10pm or later) would work best, honestly, and there would be less overcrowding of equipment.
No, no emails. Just keep checking back here.
You can go to and look it up, as well as scheduling appointments... even though with an appointment, unless it's early morning, you're likely to have quite a wait after your appointment + 8 more characters
The radio auction is also online for those of you who aren't in the listening area. You can go to our website at url and click the Teamline link on the first page to listen in! You can call into our t + 72 more characters
Also, definitely check out either our Facebook or our website at url for pictures of the items. Our website has a mostly-complete list of items as well as pictures of a a lot of them, and will be upda + 31 more characters
Wednesday December 1st, or Saturday December 4th...?
Boobiethon is a worldwide fundraiser running October 1 - October 7, with funds going to a Bloggers Helping Bloggers charity and Susan G. Komen for the Cure; in the last 8 years, they've raised over $6 + 756 more characters
Not that I have a problem with our Subway - I eat there often enough I really can't complain - but have you ever been to the one in Glendive? Amazingly fast, efficient, and wonderful. Their drivethru + 82 more characters
I'm guessing that a big part of it has to do with the fact that today, Arby's is giving away free Junior Deluxe Sandwiches with the purchase of a soda.
Mexico Lindo is amazing... ate their tonight. I am also kind of fond of the Rib & Chop, because you get to color on the table. :P
I am SO guilty of #17. :P I even have contacts saved in my phone as "Don't Answer"....
I'm late, but I brought the pie! A cookie-cake-pie! Now let's hope it's safe from the Department of Homeland Security.... url
I've had a couple friends who use them who have had phone problems, but it was equipment only, on the cheapest option for phones. And Josh, Straight Talk is provided by Tracfone, if you read the fine + 101 more characters
I totally want speckers!
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