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I haven't used my account in years, but I could not help myself from signing in and commenting upon this thread. If one reads it with a plate of food in hand, it is truly dinner and a show. Thi + 214 more characters
I go to school in Missoula and I get tired of explaining to my fellow Montanans about where Miles City is. So I think it would be great to have a new state called West Dakota. It sounds pretty romanti + 8 more characters
I read "The Davinci Code" a few months ago, and was very impressed. It was the first book in a long while that kept me flipping pages like crazy (which came in handy as I had a delayed flight). Quite + 416 more characters
What about Bowling?
We kids know there is something delicious in doing what we know we aren't supposed to be doing. At this age, we are searching for our identities, and most often along the way of this search, we choose + 709 more characters
RE: My ex... 19 years ago
Or you can just refer to them as "Stupid Boy" as I do.
Spot Colon- "Your Honor, I object!" Judge- "On what grounds?" Spot Colon- "On the grounds of Brooklyn, Your Honor!" From Newsies, truely the best movie ever!
Traveling 19 years ago
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As I type this, I am in Seattle, WA. I love traveling, and am sure there are other Miles Citians out there who do as well. I was wondering where is the most facinating place you've traveled to, or wha + 578 more characters
The leather bustier one? Yeah, that's great. I also am a fan of the Geico gecko commercials. Maybe it's the accent. But I was horrified when I went to see "Troy" at a movie theater in Great Falls, and + 142 more characters
I believe that caffiene is one of the most wonderful creations....that a person can't apprecitate Miles City until they have spent a time far away from it...that a shopping spree can cure any foul moo + 66 more characters
This was a long time ago, but when I was in the first grade (I'm 18 now), Mr. Freese came and substituted for our teacher every now and then. And Mr. Freese, you were the best sub ever!! I still remem + 117 more characters
I saw the movie at the late show on Friday, and greatly enjoyed it. But my favorite part was arriving at the theater and seeing the young kids dressed in Harry Potter costumes coming out of the early + 124 more characters
You bring up a good point, Angela, about becoming addicted to everyday things. One thing I am trying to give up more, is driving my car everywhere. I pulled my old bicycle out from the basement the ot + 177 more characters
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