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Yes I think we all was wondering the same thing, as I too only read This article in the little town news paper. .Does anyone know if this person was found guilty or was it hush Kept hush hush? Thank + 9 more characters
GET OVER IT, BE GRATEFUL? What the heck? Those words my friends ARE easier said then done, Although cheating (may) be better than some other thing, like the famous abuses,or whatever,BUT If you think + 281 more characters
RE: ooops 10 years ago
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Ok well just to let you know,l deleted my profile because you flooded my inbox, and i m's with messages,and l couldn't respond, Sorry, and l would appreciate it if you wouldn't post on here about me i + 31 more characters
RE: ooops 10 years ago
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Hi, l am the woman in the picture, l got a message from a Face Book friend that you were looking for me.
Thank you Don
YUMMY fried green tomatoes!!!
YUMMY I will have to take a drive there just to try it!!
Awsome Gunner, thank you for sharing, I love beer
Good pic!!
I agree Josh, The New Hunan, has a really good buffet, plus the waitress BAYLEE is AWSOME, and REALLY sweet, my fave place
I agrre with Lucky, The Steak Housr on main has excellent food, as well as waitresses, and the service is great too
I tip according to the service, the food, and refilling of my drinks
Yes indeed but l also want people to know that l'm not putting the other restaurants down either, MEXICO LINDO is a great place to eat also,Louis, and the entire staff their are also VERY warm, and f + 492 more characters
The Rib ^ Chop House is such a great place to eat Although they were extremely busy, we had an awsome time, we sat at the bar, and it was really cozy, the waitress took no time at all to notce us, and + 378 more characters
Oh, sorry I was just looking for some extra x-mas cash, thank you for your help.
Harry Potter is WAY better
Salvation Army 11 years ago
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Can anyone tell me when the salvation army donation/bell ringers jobs start, and how do i apply?
what thts just cazy,dave how and where do you come up w/ this stuff, lol
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