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Yeah you should probably tell him that. Obama is against guns and christianity, he has proven that to us. If you decide to refuse it, you need to do some research.
Ha! Nice to see you used me as a representation for "all Republicans" i'm one guy, not all of them. But hey, nothing says "i dont fish, hunt, or pray" like an Obama bumper sticker.
Did anybody else see the "Custer County Democrats" at the fair??? I thought that was so cute. I didnt know Montana had any Dems i thought it was all common sense folk lol.
I got a pretty good laugh out of that lol
What i dont get is why none of you are freaking out about Chicago. 61 people were shot and murdered during the Zimmerman case alone. Yet, you're here trying to find justice for some punk thug who hits + 160 more characters
Clearly you paid no attention to the case whatsoever. Otherwise you would realize that Zimmerman said he saw a PERSON (no color was stated) walking suspiciously around the neighborhood and looking at + 737 more characters
Wait, what? haha
Well let's at least include other "ignorant and biased" news sources. CNN, for example, has that Piers Morgan piece of crap.
Ha! Clever
If everybody is going to say Zimmerman killed him because he was racist, then i am going to point out the fact that Trayvon called him a "creepy ass cracka". Nobody seems to point out the fact that he + 266 more characters
Oh haha i dont do cards, i'm more of an outdoors/camping sorta kid. I like being in the woods and fishing and all that stuff. But that place does sound like a good spot for teens to hangout.
I have emailed you, let me know if you havent gotten it.
Proof that "no guns" signs work haha
Thank you so much. I almost applied there. I would have wasted my time.
What's M&H? I dont think i've heard of that.
Haha yes i have a smartphone but i like more outdoors stuff.
Is there maybe a place or a spot for teens to hangout? I've been here for a month and have not found any places to just hangout with people. I've been just bored out of my mind just walking around Mil + 19 more characters
If you wanna bring up the race card, then i'm calling Trayvon racist for calling Zimmerman a "creepy ass cracka"
Haha thank you guys so much. Not many young people are into this kind of music, i'm originally from Washington and i've been trying to get more people into it. As i'm brand new to the banjo, i have be + 230 more characters
You have to know where to look. We're around!
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