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Urijah and Steve are right. MMA is more than just a glorified "human cock fight". There is a lot of strategy and discipline involved. It's not all punching... there are submissions and other martial a + 429 more characters
url This was discussed on Fox News and CNN today... any thoughts?
PS Jody... I've randomly selected for you... send the one of you who has the initials J.K. ... Oh. Wait. Sorry- not funny unless you know her.
I think sometimes wording like "Ticket to Heaven" can turn people off to church... Or even give them the wrong idea of how it is a lot of professing Christians believe you get to heaven. I understand + 902 more characters
"If you are using IE, get firefox. :P" Here I wish that had a "Like" button- how FB does.
This song could be the theme for the new law...
I have yet to see Alice in Wonderland, but the 3D films I have seen, including Avatar, wre not blurry, motion-sickness inducing, darker than usual movies, or anything like that. to each their own, I + 6 more characters
I'll admit, I didn't take the time to read through everyone's arguements, so maybe someone beat me to this point, but... While I agree text/ talking on the cell and driving can be hazardous, I see a f + 399 more characters
Let's officially rename the town "Miles Vegas" and just get it over with!
Correct me if I'm wrong- I realize I'm just asking for trouble with that statement - But the article as I read it wasn't talking about the pool. The first line clearly stated, "Miles City's Natural Oa + 311 more characters
Even though jw meant the one here in Miles City, I believe there is a Rib & Chop in Billings or Laurel or somewhere near there.Good luck! Have fun with your family.
Ben Hunn teaches Judo and a couple of other things. He offers child and adult classes. Give him a call if you're interested. 874-7474 He's great at what he does!
Just curious, has anyone gotten any comment from BC or Dr. R about the protest and whatnot? I know it was mentioned that he is aware, but it'd be nice to here from either party in my opinion.
This all sounds very exciting and I as well would be willing to help- everyone has great ideas, but what's the next step? And Raven Claw, are you going to be the one heading this up? Perhaps a meeting + 233 more characters
Just as a bit of "insider info" for anyone that cares... I have family members who live in Pennsylvania and know Jon & Kate personally. The woman he was seen with has been a friend of theirs for years + 285 more characters
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