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Only one more week to sign up! You do NOT have to pay until the first class, but please call ahead to let us know you're intending to be a student so we know if we have enough to hold the class or not + 27 more characters
Don't forget to call and sign up! Note - if we don't have at least 5 students there will not be a class!
We had a great day at the Farmers Market yesterday! Sign up now! This is going to be a great class!!!
Have you ever wanted to try something completely different and unique? Tired of working out and ending up running and jumping around until you want to pass out? Want something a little more low-impact + 907 more characters
Pre-registration would be handy! If possible, please call the number listed above and let us know if you're coming. We need to make sure we have at least 5 students in order for the class to take plac + 192 more characters
Devi Moon Belly Dance Troupe is excited to announce that we will be having another session of Beginners Belly Dance class starting soon! When: Wednesdays starting Sept. 9 through Oct. 7, 7:30 - 9 p.m. + 1205 more characters
Classes start in less than 2 weeks! Sign up now!
Sign up early!
Have you ever wanted to learn about belly dancing? Are you looking for a different type of exercise? Curious about that group of ladies that you sometimes see performing at events in town? Then check + 572 more characters
Thank you!!! We appreciate the support so much! We're super excited about this new choreography and the five new gals in our troupe making their first trip to the Festival! We did a dress rehearsal + 230 more characters
Miles City's own belly dance troupe, Devi Moon, has been selected to perform as part of the 7th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival in Billings this weekend! The gals (including 5 new member + 699 more characters
One night a week - Wednesdays for 5 weeks. Class lasts from 7:00 - 8:30 each time. Just a note too for anyone who's considering this class or has taken a class with us before - we are also going to be + 457 more characters
Registration open now!
Miles City's own belly dance troupe, Devi Moon, will be offering a Beginning Belly Dance class in October! Class will start Wed., Oct. 2nd and will run for five weeks. Classes will be 7:00 - 8:30 p.m + 632 more characters
Check out their website: url
Sadly, we are a few girls short of the number we need to do the class this time, so there will be no class. It seems there is too much else going on with soccer, etc. right now. We DO intend to try t + 195 more characters
Food Critic: Unfortunately for this session, there was no other time except for Saturday mornings. We tried to get our classes at Studio M but they did not have room for us with their own schedule rig + 791 more characters
Jessica, Cost is $30 for all six weeks, not for each class. We look forward to hearing from you! Bob: We're sorry you feel that way. We can only guess that you, like many others, are mistaken about + 1282 more characters
Devi Moon Bellydance Troupe, formerly Raks Attarab, Miles City's own belly dance troupe, is excited to announce that they are offering lessons for young ladies! Classes will run on Saturdays starting + 783 more characters
This is a "kudos" to the Tongue Rivery Winery! On Nov. 19th, Raks Attarab, the local belly dance troupe, hosted a potluck gathering for its dancers and participants in the last session of classes. Bob + 553 more characters
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