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Karen: That is so cute to see Jobie modeling crocs!! I wish my dad could see that! By the way, we're in Miles City at the moment. I hope I can catch up with you sometime before we fly back overseas. E + 65 more characters
Please take a look at the article below. This shows what real emotion is like for one individual frustated by the fact that Bristol Palin is still on DWTS. LOL!!! All it took was one performance, and + 1262 more characters
I would like to remember my mother Jean Fretland. My mother passed away on October 27, 2007. It will be three years tomorrow. She was truly one of a kind. My mother like my father (Clint) taught a few + 1342 more characters
I would like to make a comment about one man from Montana who is making a difference in the Muslim world. His name is Greg Mortenson. He's not originally from Montana but he makes his home in Bozeman. + 622 more characters
Here is a link to a youtube video my husband came across that says it all. Andy Madadian who is an Armenian Iranian International pop superstar collaborated with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora to do + 1225 more characters
In response to what is happening in Iran, I would like to make a few points. My husband is Iranian and I've been able to learn a lot from him about the country and culture. First of all, what is happe + 1987 more characters
I would like to add Basil Pius to the list. He taught at MCC for thirty some years. I believe that he still teaches Mid East Culture at MCC from time to time. He's a great guy. He's also very involve + 271 more characters
Richard: I do understand what you're saying. I'm all for new industry coming to Miles City. However, it is very difficult for me to hear and read what people think is going to happen to my parents' pr + 330 more characters
Richard: Thanks for the nice comments. You made my day. By the way, how's your brother Phil doing? He was in my class.
To Beernut and Mr. Rob Shipley: First of all Beernut, why are you attacking me by saying," I hope you get blown up by a shoe bomb? Sounds very immature to me. You have a right to your opinion but you + 385 more characters
I am not liking some of the responses here in regards to my parents' property (The Fretland property). I merely responded on this thread to talk about my dad as being one of the most popular Miles Cit + 915 more characters
I have a few pet peeves to put out there. 1. When people say do you want to see a "pitcher" of my family? It's "picture" for a photo and "pitcher" for "a pitcher of beer". As an English teacher, t + 570 more characters
I was watching the news recently and came across a guy who does a very good impersonation of Barack Obama. He's known as the dancing Obama. His name is Iman Crosson. He's a former waiter trying to mak + 169 more characters
I have to be biased here and mention my father Clinton Fretland. My father was so well respected and loved by so many people in Miles City. He was a great teacher. He was charming, kind, caring, and e + 912 more characters
I would like to mention my father Clinton Fretland. It will be two years ago on the 28th of September that he passed away. Every time I'm back in Miles City, I run in to many people who have wonderfu + 396 more characters
Kacey: Thank you for your wonderful message and memories of my father. You're right that my husband and I lost a daughter last year. We come back to Miles City every summer for two months to visit. We + 937 more characters
I just recently came across this website. I didn't actually know it existed until very recently. This discussion is about remembering classmates and fellow teachers that have passed on. I would like t + 2503 more characters
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