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How many nights per week?
Lived in Maryland and West Virginia up until I moved here 7 year ago and it has always been that way in both of those states, always had to have valid proofs of insurance and also had to go through ve + 148 more characters
Our cat, Moe, got out of the house on Sunday, 5/13, in the vacinity of Garland and Truscott Streets (near Bender Park), she is a tri-color calico, with a brown color, she is spayed. Please if you have + 123 more characters
I have not had any problems with it, works great.
There is a friendly tavern in town, the Yellowstone Tavern on Valley Dr., the only serve beer (a variety, including draft, bottle and cans) and good food, no liquor, and they do have a patio for smoki + 116 more characters
Get a dog, big or little, these guys don't like dogs, I know this first hand, our dog is the only thing that kept them from forcing their way in my home...while my husband was out of town. They are qu + 46 more characters
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