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I purchased the Garland Schoolhouse in 2009. I need help in determining when the Garland Schoolhouse, Located on the Tongue River Road, was built. I know it was deeded in 1923. However, I found that d + 292 more characters
Is Nonie Zook related to Tom & Fritz Zook? Bill Briggs
Brad - Bill Briggs from Michigan - I am sitting in front of my computer on New Years eve day, 2012, and found your reply. How have you been? If you have been along the Tongue River rd. you can see I h + 61 more characters
Yet - its winter in Michigan - thanks for the response - it only took me a few years to check it! I soke with Charlie Blumgardener (sp)this year, 2012, and he said the Garland Schoolhouse was built in + 50 more characters
Hello- I am looking for information on this schoolhouse. Who was it named for? When was it bulit? any photographs? Thank you Bill
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