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My son is going to Trinity Lutheran Daycare MWF. Just need someone on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
What is the website? Thanks
Do any of the churches in town to daycare during the school year? Thanks!
Does anyone know what the hours are at the Fair Office? I just called and it was a recording. Thanks
I went by Lincoln School today and saw a note posted on the door that the class list will be up by the end of the day this Friday (14th). Anyway last year my daughter started school at Lincoln in Nove + 127 more characters
What is the age for Little Guy Football?
Can anyone tell me about this daycare. I need to find a new one for my son since his provider is cutting back on children. He would be all day tuesday and thursday. He goes to afternoon preschool on M + 136 more characters
Sorry I forgot my dictionary at home!!!
I didn't mean to sound crabby. Signs can be deceiving one mans Cuisine could be another mans tv dinner lol
I only used the word "cuisine" because that it what it said on the sign!!!
Sixteen Candles that's a great movie along with Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink! I love the 80's what can I say!
Has anyone tried the Asian Cuisine food that is located next to the Buy MT store? Is the food good and how is the price? Im intrigued!
This will be my daughter's first full year at Lincoln School. With all of the school supplies being put out at Walmart already, does anyone know if there will be a list posted before school starts abo + 100 more characters
MOTHS!! 13 years ago
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We moved into our house (rented) in November so we didn't deal with moths. The last few days my upstairs bathroom is filled with them at nite. All the windows that are open have screens. They are disg + 206 more characters
I went into the Kafe Utza last week for the first time and had a Hula Girl drink over ice...was very good
Does anyone know about the Walleyes Unlimited Fundraiser at Spotted Eagle Lake June 20th? I saw it on the Miles City Government website. What time does it start? How much does it cost to go? Would lik + 17 more characters
My office is across the alley so I will be heading over there for the Hot Sweet Mustard (i hope it's still there) it's the best I have tasted!!
My 10 year old daughter went to the Mariners vs Twins game in Seattle Sunday nite. She said that the Mariners won and that it was really cool being there to watch it.
MT Store 13 years ago
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Does anyone know when the Made in Montana will be open for business on Main Street?
Holiday! 14 years ago
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Does anyone know what they are doing with the former Holiday gas station building?
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