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@oddjob Trump's supporters are a minority. He lost the popular vote and has consistently remained at about 35% approval rating. The majority of the people don't like him, his administration, or their + 209 more characters
While it is stunning to see this kind of delusion in this individual, because he is not unique in this vortex of hate and racism he is a symptom of the larger problem. The powers that push this kind o + 370 more characters
A general sales taxes are regressive, that is they fall most heavily on the poor so not a good idea. As for property taxes, they aren't going away, so forget that. There are sales taxes that are direc + 555 more characters
I'm voting for Tester because: He's from Montana, worked an actual job that wasn't as a lawyer or finance. His interest is focused toward the land and the people. Can't say that for Rosendale. An immi + 2445 more characters
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