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Speaking of "mainframes" I remember when Amorette had a nice one. Damn that was a long time ago
Anyone remember the "Anti-digit-dialing-league"? Speeking of memrobilia (sp) Did anyone save the wheel that was used to open the curtain? I remember sitting on the pourch on warm summer nights fightin + 143 more characters
Round the corner Lickity Split Beautiful Car Wasn't it Burma Shave
I have many fond memories of "the Orthman Place" having spent many summer vacations and weekends there. I was just into grade school when Ruby was bound and determined to put some weight on my 40 poun + 901 more characters
Somebody backeast's say'n Why don't he write. Put that in your book! Timmons Dances with Wolves
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, how come we were created with the wrong kind of teeth?
Just how outrageous are we talking here?
Yep, saw that one in Billings this afternoon, I've seen several of these go through in the last month, wonder what the deal is, does anyone know? John
Jeremy You might also try John
I'm sure Walter Williams knows his facts...but like many, he uses only the facts that support his position. That said... I was layed off from a very nice aerospace job shortly after the first Gulf war + 1558 more characters
the gloves are for the sheep....anywayayay, Damn Amorette! When you go on a rant you realy do it up! I'll have to say I don't agree with ya on all that liberal stuff, but being the conservative vet th + 68 more characters
Terra, how is "Aunt Lynn" she didn't come to her 30th class reunion! We missed her!
Hi Tim I don't know if it was you or Tracy I was in 7th and 8th grade with, I had your mom for home room and english. I graduated in '74.
I enjoyed the pump merry-go-round, Mrs. Nickols...not so much. They tore down Garfield cause it would be too costly to put in a new heating and cooling system. Cutting holes 4 foot thick brick walls i + 801 more characters
Nothing ever changes Kyle, back in the 60's we shopped Reynolds in Glendive. Hey! Does anyone remember when you orderded your DQ Dilly Bars from the sidewalk outside the building, they made them while + 134 more characters
Let's call it "Spikes"
leftoutinthecold (I live in Montana)
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