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I am an "outsider", but have enjoyed reading about your town. We have even contemplated recently about moving to Miles City. I do agree though that this subject might be better served with more civili + 3 more characters
Amorette, It's been awhile since I perused this site, I have been extremely busy with my little business. I wanted to show you my latest creation, if you have the time. I don't want to clutter up this + 185 more characters
Wow! I just checked out this new website, and it is wonderful. I live in a very large city and this gal is right on par with what is going on out there. Congrats to you! Donna Duncan
Amorette, 3* is a bit insane. My hat is off to Steve for being willing to freeze his knickers off. We deep-fried under snow flurries and it was nice and cozy standing around the fryer. Not to mention + 67 more characters
Bravo have enjoyed my visits to this site and surely hope to continue on.
The cooler weather in ND was a welcome respite from the blazing heat of Texas. Winter in Texas is no more than a cool Spring. In ND it was in the 20' to 40's.....absolutely glorious.....Loved it! I sa + 117 more characters
I know this a very late "well wishing", but I truly hope all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday in Fargo and the weather was cold, white, lovely & lot's of food!......It also prevente + 32 more characters
For me, it's one costume after another. Currently working on a couple for "Dickens On The Strand" in Galveston, TX the weekend of December 2-4.
I went to the Star site and found it looking so much better and easier to navigate. Good Job! And, a site to promote tourism is also a fabulous idea. I used to work for the CVB in Abilene, TX and they + 100 more characters
I am just now finding this funny, sooooo true! I laughed the whole time while reading it. I'm passing this along to my friends. Thank you for sharing it! Donna
A Madrigal Dinner sounds like a great idea. Similar to some dinner shows I've been to in the past. One was a mystery play and it got the audience involved with finding the culprit. Too bad we don't li + 47 more characters
Amorette. Okay, that does answer my question. I love live theatre and community performances. Do the schools put on an annual home coming type play? D.
Elaine, are there other live performances throughout the year? Donna
Amorette, thank you for the info. I think we are really going to try and get there over one of the upcoming holidays. I would love to see some of the buildings and sites, if we can. Hope you like my w + 32 more characters
A beautiful blue mansion? How lovely......oooohhhh....I want to know more..... Amorette? Any thoughts on this one? Donna
Amorette, Good Morning. Yes, I will definately let you know when we are coming. I look forward to seeing Miles City and all of the places I have been asking about. Have you checked out my website yet? + 89 more characters
How much warning do you think they would need....? And would that be appropriate? I would never dream of overstepping the bounds of their privacy.
A trip in the near future may be during the holidays. During which time I believe you may be away. What a shame to miss the opportunity of a meeting with you. To gain a glimpse of what I look like, ju + 240 more characters
Thank you. I thought I had read somewhere that there was a carriage house set up for the public to tour through. When I traveled to the Eastern Seaboard, I stayed the night in a 100 year old converted + 52 more characters
Amorette......I was the Victorian District a residential area? And, is there a Carriage House open to the public?
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