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Well played on the enrollment stats David. Not sure why posting facts is a cheap shot, but I will go you one better. Word on the street is that if enrollment gets any lower, UM will have to drop down + 184 more characters
I think this quote from the Princess Bride sums up the challenge of arguing with Rob Shipley quite succinctly. Vizzini: You fell victim to one of the classic blunders—the most famous of which is, “Nev + 334 more characters
Appears to just be leaning against the wall, but it appears that some lumber or something is stacked in front of it. Could be that it had been elevated or was to be elevated in order to be seen from s + 12 more characters
Was I the only one who peed a little bit when Rob used the golf spikes metaphor. Or at least I hope it was a metaphor.
Richard, I don't use my real name, because I think having an alter-ego is sort of fun and that participation here for me is entertainment and abstraction. So feel free to cast whatever aspersions upon + 1841 more characters
So trolls are bad, but the following is acceptable? On the thread that disappeared, everyone seemed more interested in insulting each other than actually answering the question I asked. In addition, + 502 more characters
30 Bridge Jumper - McAllister as in "When Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchee Bridge"
So why was the well drilled? Prospecting for oil? Going deep for a more reliable water supply? Just curious.
So how does the mountain lion know when it has reached 17 and can then diversify its diet? Tail notches? Counting on its paws? Wikipedia has failed me on this one.
Both daughters of the hunting age were able to fill their mule deer tags. Most satisfying part for Dad was that in both cases, the hunt required some effort and strategy once the deer were located. Bo + 170 more characters
So do restaurant servers fill out a withholding statement as with any other job? And if so are the taxes withheld, considering the 8%, based on the withholding statement? If so a server with dependent + 652 more characters
So if your grandmother was tipped at the usual rate of 15% she only got to keep 7% and paid the other 8% in taxes which makes a calculated tax rate of 53%. Are you sure she wasn't setting aside 8% of + 9 more characters
So, are they taxed on 8% of the check which would be at their respective tax rate depending on total income or are they charged 8% of the dinner check in taxes - (on a $100 check they would pay $8 in + 163 more characters
About .9 at our house. It was coming sideways, so I don't think my rain gauge caught all it should have.
Just think of the possibilities if Edward Scissorhands was the AG.
Reminds me of a time listening to a new radio station trying to get their programming figured out - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to Puff the Magic Dragon - classic.
Not every day that you go right from Earl Scruggs to the Sex Pistols.
Made me feel kind of old. After about number 60, I was not familiar with a lot of the songs. Sadly, it appears that I have become my parents.
I may just have to do that.
As fun as a double feature sounds, I just can't do it. I am reasonably certain that I have not remained awake through an entire movie, home or theater, for 15 years or more. Sadly it doesn't matter wh + 283 more characters
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