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Don't you think that some of those places had to put in casinos to keep their main business afloat? (I don't like them, either.)
My grandaughter, Leighton Hirsch, shares my birthday on Dec. 2. My husband, Walt, surprised me on my birthday when he took me out for my birthday and had people there see us get married at the Elks Cl + 100 more characters
I got my all-time favorite Christmas present when I was in high school at CCHS. We had no heat upstairs where the bedrooms were so I froze to death when it got really cold. My folks got me an electric + 39 more characters
The Russian Olive trees have really taken over here in parts of Big Horn County. Can't even see the interstate from our house any more. Cannot believe the horses will eat on them. Their thorns when th + 310 more characters
It was a unanimous with it. If the Norwegians want to honor him with the award, that was their choice. They were one country that was a great help to us in WWII. Don't knock us Norwegians + 40 more characters
My daughter rented there for several years....seems it was very affordable and if you're on the river side it is a great view. I did not care much for the road in the winter time. That was long time + 29 more characters
Seems everyone in Hardin knew about the sheriff before he was elected but the natives here will vote for anyone who is a Native American. Could have had a disaster here when elections were for county + 88 more characters
The Bucking Horse Sale has always been in May since the start in '51 or '52. John Moore's book on the sale published in 1982 has a picture of Kennedy riding a bronc that was used to help publicize the + 86 more characters
The Bucking Horse Sale has always been in May since it started in '51 or'52. John Moore's book published in 1982 has a picture of Kennedy riding a bucking horse in 1960 that was said to publicize the + 39 more characters
It was said to be at the Bucking Horse Sale for a long time but proven to be the fair 'cause it was in August.
Maybe Hoozi does not use her real name on this site because, just maybe, her mother works where the judge does and doesn't want to get her fired. Not everyone has a tough hide like some of you do and + 96 more characters
Some people are elderly at 40. I don't think I am elderly at 67 except some days. That woman did look elderly. Depends (ooops!) on how you take care of yourself and your state of mind.
Was it Jim Genty's folks that ran the flower shop? Jim passed away earlier this year. He graduated about 1956 from SHHS
"Fill your hands......." also
At one time near the Bison wasn't there a spudnut shop maybe run by the same people that had the drive-in theater? John Stickelmeyer had a cafe or something at one time near there. May be wrong on som + 10 more characters
He probably did more good in a week for other people they you or I will do in a lifetime.
Never having paid much attention to Senator Kennedy other than his politics I am so impressed with all of the accolades given him as a person. (Please don't refer to what happened a long time ago. We + 284 more characters
They had an all-you-can-eat shrimp night. My sons really made good on that one. But they let us come back anyway. Never tasted shrimp that good again.
I remember from the late 40's and early 50's the petunias planted around the fountain and the colored lights that changed colors as they shined on the water in the fountain. Petunias are still one of + 140 more characters
Watched it on satellite. Am very proud of Montanans. Find it hard to believe that people actually think that the president wants anyone dead at any age. Incredible!
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