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I heard this on the radio yesterday and actually "heard" the lyrics for the first time. That Johnny Cash was quite a showman! "A Boy Named Sue" My daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave + 2705 more characters
A new lunch box when the school year started. My faves...Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.
Sissy bars.
Ushers at the movie theater and people clapping when the movie was over and the credits were rolling.
Having to wear dresses everyday in elementary school...they changed that rule by the time I got to middle school and highschool.
Going to the drive-in movie and playing on the playground equipment in your jammies.
Having to type up your report for school on a manual typewriter and correcting your typos using whiteout, or a typewriter eraser, or a flimsy piece of correction tape.
Students smoking at school in the offically designated area known as (in my school) "the smoke hole."
Smoking while timing your contractions before you had the baby in the hospital.
Five bucks bought a pack of cigarettes, beer, and enough gas to cruise all night long.
I know exactly who you are referring to...this skating freak always entertained the lunch crowd in downtown Billings over the noon hour. Maybe he's on the Billings roller derby team now!
Another of my faves...........what a set of cans
LaVerne the rancher's son in Roundup MT. Sorry I don't have a picture. Maybe someone else does or can verify this. I once saw him bellied up to the bar in the Maverick in Roundup. He made quite an imp + 35 more characters
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I thought the the chinese restaurant had closed. Driving by there yesterday I saw several cars there. Has it opened back up or was it never shut down in the first place?
I prefer my steak just like I prefer my men......blackened.
I mean . Although I'm obviously not.
I, too, am a Froggy Doo alumni and proud of it! :cool
i like the train wreck photo someone else posted here once upon a time.....
I have canned chokecherry jam and syrup on my glasstop ranges.
Loving the ease of cleaning my glass topped cook stove. I have had a black one, a white one, and a "speckled" one. Hated the white one...truely a pain to keep clean. I have a black one now and it is b + 199 more characters
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