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I know some people who need a job if the fire dept is looking? I havn't seen anything posted about a job though. What is the truth? What percent raise did our jobs offer? 1.5 here.
Actually he was a pretty nice guy and as long as we lived there his sidewalks were clear because we would do Mrs. Gierke's on the other side. He had summer long rummage sales in his garage.
Mr. Babcock was our neighbor for nine years when I was a child on South Prairie.
Oh Gunnar, I don't think of myself as a skanky ho and neither do my friends and family. The only good thing that came from nothing is those two left town.
And someone actually left without paying for dinner?
I had the most wonderful experience at Miles City Wal-mart! I have not stepped foot in any Wal-mart since February 17, 2008 because of it. I can testify that there is life after Wal-mart. Save your mo + 112 more characters
Our thoughts and Prayers are with the Henman family as we hear of the loss of Eric. We will miss you. url
Listen Alice you are the one that tried to pair me up with your murdering cell mate. Do your own time and don't worry about mine. I would think that you would be too busy packing with that 30 days app + 309 more characters
The only difference is I got out before you.
I guess this is what Mary Quintus is referring to when she told Alice that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks: url
Acutally I have been honest about my past and did my time in South Dakota so I really do not know this Becky.
Well Alice I went to High School in Billings and graduated with a class of 674 kids. I do not seem to remember a Becky Richards but I do play ball with Wendy Richards. Also, Alice, if you are aware of + 674 more characters
Don't do it CCR.
Just a remider to vote. It is up to us.
Wal-Mart Sucks!!! Have not been there since February 17th and doing fine without it. I encourage all of you to do the same.
I agree with City County Resident. That 74 yr old man deserved some respect. The situation should have been handled differently. Anger Management is not a bad idea.
Just a reminder to be careful who you vote for.
Miles City Star Friday May 23rd page 3 "Neighbor dispute leads to four restraining orders" by Elaine Forman "Four temporary restraining orders were filed in City Court on Wednesday as a result of a ne + 3157 more characters
After the story in the star on page 3 Friday, I was dying to see what was being said on MC.COM. Here it is Wed. and "nothing". No one has anything to say about a local wannabe politician running for o + 152 more characters
I heard they stole the animal control vehicle. I wonder if it was parked at the police station when it was stolen?
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