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Don't forget Jean Freese...she is another great MC person!
hey, was that first grade Washington School about 1956? I kind of remember that!
Anyone remember Miss Hicks, 3rd grade Washington school in the mid-late 50's? Snow white hair and red lipstick...
Can anyone help me get in touch with them? It's been a long time and I would love to catch up!
I had a beer with George Jones and one of his musicians at the Loma bar in 1970. He was so funny! my nursing classmates and I were enroute to Great Falls to see Tammy Wynette in concert (they were mar + 90 more characters
"I told you I was sick"
By far the most memorable people to me are Frances Cummings Grasky RN, Edith Halsey Campadonaco RN, Della Walker (Della's Cafe), Duncan Skinner from CCHS, and of course, my dad Bill Damm.
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